Went to Lowe's yesterday and ..................

I don’t need sand tubes for my pickup, but if I did and the store didn’t have them I wouldn’t even think to be outraged at a whole corporation. I go to stores all the time and they are out of things or no longer carry them.
I thought it was for directing flood water instead of weighing down the rear of a pickup. It seems like you can just use another heavy duty sandbag or some heavy worthless item in the trunk instead?

People I know in the North just use sandbag or concrete tiles / bricks in the trunk or bed instead, not sure if sand tube is any better but so far I haven't heard of people using them.
Sandbags used for flood control are shaped differently than sand tubes. I ran 2wd pickups in Pa and had some 2x6s made into a box that would straddle the wheel wells and the 4 tubes fit in nicely. Theoretically bags of sand would be less deadly projectiles if involved in an accident than cement blocks or railroad rails loose in the bed.
Or, you know, if you drive in a region with snow, pick a vehicle that can handle it without a couple hundred pounds of sand in the bed.
Trucks do fine, just makes life a little bit easier. I know people with AWD crossovers and whatnot who keep a tube or 2 in the back during winter just in case they get stuck and need a little extra traction.
Or, you know, if you drive in a region with snow, pick a vehicle that can handle it without a couple hundred pounds of sand in the bed.
As others have mentioned, they are also emergency extra traction. Have found that the 150 extra pounds in the rear give a real improvement in the balance of the truck. If you have never driven a 2015+ F-150 with its double wishbone front suspension, the steering is ultra precise and above 35 mph has nicely weighted steering. A pleasure to drive on curvy roads. The extra weight in back makes the truck feel more stable in curves and less jitter over small imperfections.
Might be as WalMart owns a LOT of Lowe's stock.
Funny you mention that because every Lowe's I see is always next to a Walmart and the color scheme is very similar. I'd always wondered if Lowe's was actually owned by Walmart.
I drive a 4 wheel drive truck with snow tires and still put 3 sand tubes in the back in the winter. Being lectured to buy a vehicle that can handle the weather is funny... I'd argue that I'm settting my self up better. Nice to have grit on hand for icy situations and have the truck better settled overall.

Won't comment on lowes not having them in stock. Menards has them year around. Funny, being based in Wisconsin and all. Where is lowes based again? 😀
Sand tubes? Heh, I just switch it to 4wd and carry on... 🤔

Tis but a joke, I completely understand the concept. Used to do this with my 2WD S10 to try and help with traction in the snow. Didn't work with the amount we get, but hey it works for others.
I've always stopped at any grocery store and gotten several of the big bags of water softener salt. They lay nice and flat and come in the very durable thick plastic bags. As soon as spring comes i take them back to the store so they don't take up space in the garage.
My local Home Depot has 60# sand tubes in stock at $4.65 each.
A Sutherlands in Columbus, OH has the same Quickrete 60# tubes at $5.65 each.
The local rip off Tractor Supply has the same Quickrete 60# Tubesands in stock at $6.99

BTW, the Columbus, OH Sutherlands store is good and bad. They have some items not seen at the big box stores, but it seems like their merch is builders grade.
I hate Tractor Supply.
I actually prefer Home Depot to Lowe's. Lowe's reminds me too much of Walmart.
Ive had good experiences with HD, and also with their ordering online if they dont have what I want somewhere local in store. The experience and knowledge of the people in store is more hit or miss, and usually miss. HD is more convenient and I generally prefer what they sell to Lowe's, but Im glad to have both nearby.

I would like to have a Menards near by as well, but I wont hold my breath.

My question for the OP - I guess youre using this for weight in the back of your pickup... But dont you have them from last year? Cant you use something else if not? It doesnt seem like this is rocket science.