We got the 70' Beetle back - Restoration

Beautiful job! That bug is SWEET! You ALMOST make me miss mine. It was a blast until August came around in Texas. 🥵

74 Beetle.jpg
What a transformation and the painted brightwork has grown on me the more I look at it. Looks more modern but not over board type business.
Thanks for posting the pics of the bug. Made me smile.

Brought back memories for me of the two i owned when i was a lad. First was a 1968, 1.2 litre and second was a 1971, 1.3 litre. I would love to be able to find a late 70s 1303S model.

Restored ones fetch crazy money in UK.
Hi Nick1994.
Does the windscreen washer bottle still rely on compressed air from the spare tyre to work?
My aunt's 1970 VW Beetle is finally back from it's restoration after being gone since last Spring. She originally bought it in early 2014 as a fixer upper, it was in decent enough shape to drive and have fun, but has sat around a lot. We wanted to fix it up ourselves but with busy lives we just didn't have time and lost the desire to do all that physical labor work. It had a cheap yellow paint job that was peeling on the roof causing alot of surface rust. It had some shoddy bondo work done as well. Mechanically the car was fine. It had the carb rebuilt last year and a clutch a couple years ago. Stock 1500 SP motor (to a 68'-69').

The car was stripped down to bare metal inside and out, all body work was corrected and completely painted. There was some customization done, more California bug style. The front beam was narrowed and it was lowered in the front a little bit. New shocks, disc brakes, new wheels and tires, bumpers, deck lid, pop out rear windows, running boards etc. The inside got sound deadening, all new rubber seals, carpet, headliner, door panels, seat foam and material, the dash was fixed (big radio hole), steering wheel, and the stereo. Speaking of the stereo, this thing POUNDS. I pieced together the stereo parts and didn't think it was going to sound near as good as it does. Rockford Fosgate speakers and subwoofer, PPI full range amp, Alpine deck with Bluetooth and mic etc.

First pic was it off to get restored

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Sweet - My 69 was fully rebuilt and restored - it would have been closer to that darker yellow … Ran over sized Sears radial tires and used to go surfing in that thing every week …