Warning...too intense for children and the easily excited

Southern Vermont
It was a foggy and moonless night. A fellow was walking home and his route took him past the local cemetery. After he passed the cemetery, he heard a sound behind him.... bump....bump....bump He turned around, and in the darkness, in the middle of the road, he saw a casket bouncing its way toward him. He picked up the pace to get home quicker. The casket sped up too, now with its lid ajar and flapping with each bounce. Bump-clap..bump-clap He fumbled with his keys, got his door unlocked, got inside, and locked the door behind him. "I'm safe", he thought. But with that, the casket smashed down the door, and was into the house!! The fellow ran up the stairs and into the bathroom, which he locked behind him. He could hear the casket bumping its way up the stairs, bump-clap, bump-clap, bump-clap and the casket then smashed through the bathroom door as well!! The fellow was in terror as he faced the casket coming toward him. In a panic, he opened the medicine cabinet, and all he saw was a bottle of cough medicine. He grabbed the bottle and, in desperation, threw it at the casket. It smashed on the casket lid, covering it in cough medicine. And with that.......... ..... ..... ..... ..... The coffin stopped.