Walmart Auto Center Oil Change

Sep 5, 2017
Greetings, After a lifetime (40+ years) of changing my own, due to some serious back (and other) troubles, I have been relegated to having it done for me the past several years, and, as I have tired of the expense, inconvenience, etc., of my local Ford dealer, I have had the last couple of changes done at my local Walmart. This morning, as my Walmart was offering a $44.95 deal on Pennzoil Full Synthetic, I requested this service. What I received, however, was different from that which I requested. The receipt and windshield sticker both state: "CAS SYN EB 5w20 SN". I believe this means Castrol Synthetic 5W20, however I have no idea what the "EB" or "SN" mean. Can anyone help me out here, please? Thanks in advance, g
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SN is the current API rating. Maybe EB means "Edge" something or other and it's possible you got the PP and they just slapped a generic sticker on your windshield.
As soon as I read the thread title, my first thought was, <span style="font-style: italic">"What went wrong ?"</span>
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Edge Black bottle?? SN is the current API standard.
I place my bet here ~ so all is well ~ drive on …
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You can't say that for sure smile It is really a matter of getting what one pays for. Say go to a restaurant... Order a ribeye. They bring you a sirloin.. Will a sirloin be bad or not good?? It will very likely be good. But it is not what one paid for. They paid for a ribeye. That's what is in question here. Getting what one paid for and verification of that should be obvious and easily apparent. One would think the sticker would have Pennzoil Platinum on it specifically.
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EB= Ecobox
This video explains what the ecoboxes are, and yes, Wal-Mart does seem to use this system. I would ask what oil was used. They will likely say Castrol synthetic 5W20, as the label indicates. Maybe the tech was careless, maybe they ran out of the Pennzoil synthetic that was on sale and just used the Castrol instead. Who knows. Not a big deal deal in the grand scheme of things, just annoying, as consumers DO want to receive exactly what they paid for. If you complain they might even give you another oil change for free (with the correct oil) or refund the one they gave you.
CAS SYN EB could most likely mean Castrol Syntec(or Synthetic) Edge Black. Pennzoil Platinum is a quality oil. So is Edge Black.
Noticed recently that all the Pennzoil advertisements at my local Walmart have been replaced with Castrol ones. My guess is that BP underbid SOPUS as the TLE oil supplier, they had no stock left of the Pennzoil, so they filled you up with the (more or less) equivalent Castrol product. Or perhaps they used the Pennzoil, but were out of the Pennzoil stickers.