Wal-Mart now allows only 3 boxes of ammo

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some people think that federal bought out Blazer, but as mentioned ATK owns them and blazer. Wal-mart SG employees just have stated to me, they're now pulling supplies from federal in addition to blazer. Whatever factory gets it made first is where they'll pull supplies from. Blazer Brass is fully reloadable. Federal Champion brand is the equal to that of the blazer brass.

It would be interesting to see if since Federal now distributes 5.7x28mm if they'll start selling it at Wal-mart..
When I bought some ammo at Walmart a few weeks ago the counter guy said their manager had been ordering ammo directly from the manufacturer, rather than going through Walmart supply chain to get it. He said it worked out so well they plan to do it again.
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If it was "blazer" it is aluminum cased and MIGHT be reloadable a time or two. Most do not reload the aluminum cases. I did a few and had no problems.

I seem to remember them being Berdan primed? It's been a decade or so since I shot any of it though...
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we dont allow it in Santa Barbara.

Above the riff raft that allows Wal-Marts in their cities?

we have the easily scared aging hippies that run our town.

i stopped in the one in Oxnard, they had no .40 but plenty of 7.62x39 and 12ga.
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The cartridge cases are brass but they can't be reused according to what the guy told me.

Blazer and Federal bulk both use Berdan Primers. These cannot be reloaded as supplies are not available. You would have to convert to Boxer primers, but that is a bit tricky and should not be done on such a common cartridge.

Edit* After more research, it seems some blazer had berdan, more has boxer, which is reloadable.
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