Vq35 and rotella 5w40

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Dec 9, 2005
Tinley park il
Can shell rotella 5w40 be used in a 2004 vq35 altima with no issues? I can get this "diesel" oil for almost nothing. Will it hurt the cat converters at all? Thanks.
Worked great in my Infiniti QX4 which has the same engine--see the UOA forum for the UOA. The worry about cat pollution is significantly overblown, IMHO, unless your vehicle guzzles a quart every 3K or so. I've owned two VQ engines (I used to have a Maxima with a VQ30) and neither engine has used a measurable amount of oil, even with 7,500 mile OCIs. I think the chance of damaging the cat with these engines is virtually nil.
Rotella-T synth is an API 'SL' oil. You require an SL oil. It won't hurt the catalytic converter any worse than any other 'SL' oil.
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