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Dec 5, 2016
E. Tennessee
This week I sold my son's '07 S80 3.2L (inline 6) with 218K miles (for $2.7K private party sale). He is in the Navy now and has no need for a car for a while. This was our first family experience with a Volvo. Seemed to be well engineered but not perfect (no car is) and it lasted a good while for us. We bought it in 2014 at 165K miles for $6K (retail). This car was in pretty good condition and I was able to get ALL the Volvo dealership records since new so I know how it had been treated (well). She was getting a bit long in the tooth and needed to go on down the road for somebody else. I'm a bit misty eyed as we modified the exhaust (MagnaFlow mufflers) and she sounded great, had plenty of power/pep and drove like a touring car! It was a great car for him. So I say a fond farewell to our "Green Machine" and happy trails! Anybody else out there in BITOG land been a happy Volvo owner over the years?? ------------------------------------------------- (SOLD) 2007 S80 3.2L FWD (BD: 11/06)| Willow Green | 218K miles @ 9/2017 Mods: IPD Alu Skid Plate | 25% tint | Qwik-Valve F104S + ADP-104 | MagnaFlow Mufflers (#11225) w/Stainless tips | GC Edge 0W-40 oil | Continental PureContact tires (225/50R17) on 17" Regor rims.
Back in the mid 1990's I bought a used 92 Volvo 960 with 20,000 miles it was there flagship car at the time 2.9 straight 6 rear wheel drive big car it was a tank! Real solid and had the Volvo SIPS system side impact protection system. I went to the dealership to purchase a new Honda Accord the Honda was nice but the Volvo felt so much more solid and I was a young on the road salesman at the time. I put about 250,000 miles on that car and it was the best car I ever owned I loved it! The car was pretty trouble free the only issue I had was the rear main seal would leak and have to be replaced every 50,000 miles Volvo covered the first one and the extended warranty I purchased covered the other two. The others I had to pay for. After four years I stupidly traded it in for a new Nissan Maxima nothing against the Max it was a good car but built nothing like my Volvo.
Our family got a Volvo new in 1962 a PV544 it was a great little car. It was well maintained and it left the family in 1986 with over 300K on it. Never had any major engine work only tune ups. I still miss that car.
I bought a new '86 Volvo 740 Turbo sedan with manual transmission plus overdrive. Kept it for 18 1/2 years and 285,000 Km. It needed lots of little things. The exhaust fell off at least 3 times, and always on trips. The water pump failed several times (though a trusted Volvo specialty repair shop told me the reason it was replaced so many times was because a repair shop in another city used other than OEM parts). The overdrive had to be rebuilt. The clutch had to be replaced once. It averaged $1100/year in maintenance and repairs at Volvo specialty shops. The power train (other than the overdrive) was solid and gave no other problems. Brakes, steering and suspension required only routine maintenance. The (oil cooled only) turbo was still fine when I sold it. It was a great car. It drove like a solid chunk. We felt very safe in that car. Best seats of any car I've ever sat in. Not as reliable as Hondas and Toyotas but it felt like a new car after almost 20 years. I'd certainly buy another Volvo.
OP asked, "Anybody else out there in BITOG land been a happy Volvo owner over the years??" 1) Yes, me! Around 2004 I was searching for a car I could fit into. I found a 1999 Volvo V70 out on Long Island. The shortest story I can render is that someone at the garage where he worked used "Wrong Red" transmission fluid in his P/S pump and killed it. From what I could gather, the nearby dealer wouldn't fix it for him for free. He grew angered and decided to sell the otherwise good car. I sold it in 2008 for $5,100 @ ~160K. 2) Driving a cousin home from a Christmas party I spotted a 2002 for sale. I succumbed to the siren call of a newer car. This is why I sold the '99. I drove it for 9 years and sold it for $2,500 @ 198,600 mi. 3) I searched 7 states for an '06 or '07 V70 for 2 years and found one, an '07, in Maryland just before Christmas last year. It had 69,380 mi. and runs well. All 3 were non-turbos. I have used the same roof rack cross bars on all 3. All 3 had the element oil filter (some '99's used the familiar Volvo canister). Could I go on? You bet.....
Unfortunately the newer Volvos have become complex luxury cars much like the Germans. While solid tanks, they are often complicated to diagnose and repair. I remember friends of mine in high school having the older ones and they ran forever.
I would never own one but lots of 80s/early 90s Volvos out there with hundreds of thousands of reliable miles. Late 90s or newer ones seem to be rock solid too or overcomplicated Eurotrash, seems hit or miss.
The 1990 240DL in my sig. Bought used from a neighbor at 175K, Now 225k. Almost no rust, unusual in the Northeast. Bilstein dampers, IPD springs, EuroPartsHouse heater valve, tropical fan clutch, plus some minor things that I have done to it. Very solid drivetrain. It gets Maxlife 10w-30 with a K&N oil filter most of the time. I like the fact it has copper brake lines, and excellent brakes. My 20 year old son drives it most of the time now, and it seems to be a solid and safe car. A bit on the slow side, but I think it is good, solid transportation. Easy to work on.
I've had my 850 T5 for a couple of years, only just put 10,000km on it. I was looking for something more useful than a 2 door coupe and noticed Volvos were going real cheap if there was something wrong with them, so I picked up a non runner needing a radiator for $500. Very happy with the power, comfort and handling. A harsh ride and a bit low for my liking, and just found there was a 15mm lower option, so guess it has that. I find it like a Mercedes of similar age, good engineering and most things easy to fix. One thing I recently found. My wife has a broken ankle (plate and 8 screws), the passenger seat folds forward, so she sits in the back with her foot up on the seat back.
I bought the sled in Aug of 1998 from a dealer with about 11k mi on her. 20yrs and 211k mi later, I don't regret the purchase. Original motor, transmission, head gasket, turbo & exhaust. All fine. The wagon holds a lot of stuff. I use the roof rack regularly. The turbo motor will really get up and go when needed. Not the easiest to work on. The 98 isn't nearly as complicated as the newer models, fortunately. Currently about 223k mi. on her. I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off.
OP, did you have any repairs or maintenance that you completed in your ownership? If so, what was it and how complex was it? The reason why I ask is because I'm considering a new dd but it needs to be something comfortable yet efficient. I also prefer something relatively simple to maintain.
i bought a new 1993 245 and sold it in 2005. used in temperate, desert and northern climates. washed/waxed and serviced religiously with mobil 1 oil changes. 115hp was a happy highway puller, even fully loaded. no rust. lots and i mean lots of small things were always broke on it after warranty. with an out of warranty volvo you need either to be your own expert mechanic or find a reliable independent mechanic. a volvo dealership defines stealership.
Don't have any experience with the white blocks, but the red blocks will last forever. They weren't fancy, but reasonably comfortable, safe, solid, and useful. My 245 carried me back and forth to college with everything I needed, including a bed. Subaru took their place after they moved more upmarket.
I've owned five of them. Still have a 2006 XC90 2.5T which is running strong with 168,000 on it. Doesn't leak a drop of anything. Had a 1993 940 Wagon 1994 940 Sedan 1998 V90 Wagon 1998 850 2006 XC90 All great cars but for the 850. When you own Volvo you learn that sites like Brickboard and places like FCP Groton are your friends.
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OP, did you have any repairs or maintenance that you completed in your ownership? If so, what was it and how complex was it? The reason why I ask is because I'm considering a new dd but it needs to be something comfortable yet efficient. I also prefer something relatively simple to maintain.
Off the top of my head: I changed the oil with Castrol Edge 0W-40 every 5-6K miles, used Malhe filter cart. I had to replace a leaking power steering hose and the heater core (both with OEM parts). I replaced the upper torque rod myself. The normal brakes, battery, fluids, tires stuff over that mileage and time. The suspension system was getting in need of replacement (my opinion) and it needed new tie-rods. I bought a VIDA pod and software but rarely used it. It was a difficult engine bay to work in (more so than normal) as the 3.2L is stuffed into that space. I'd say that if you are not already pretty handy working on cars and have some decent tools, the Volvo platform can be a steep learning curve. Good luck with whatever you purchase.
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