Vehicle Sighting - 1971-'73 Datsun 510 wagon

Jul 7, 2014
Winnipeg MB CA
I had not seen one of these in quite a few years. Still one of my favourites. The rising sun, flat black hood, wheels, and fender-mounted mirrors would all be mods. (I'm assuming the car was sold here or at least in North America new, based on the LH drive configuration. The fender-mounted mirrors were typical of a Japanese-market car.)


Road and Track said the Datsun 510 had many of the same features as a BMW 2002. And this one is a wagon to boot. What's not to like!
I loved the dash on the '71 up (which is how I knew it wasn't a '70 or earlier).

The engine was 2/3 of the Datsun 240Z inline-6.
Or maybe the inverse. I believe the 4-cylinder came first, and the 6 had extra cylinders added. Same bore and stroke, as I recall.

Datsuns and Nissans of a few years later were a great leap backward from the original 510.
Agreed on all points.

They way I worded it made it sound like the 4 was a chopped-down 6, but I meant that the 6 was derived from the 4.