Vehicle pranks amongst friends

i didn't do this but a friend of mine pounded extra wheel weights on another friends' wheels. kind of threw the wheel balance off on the car. I still don't know what they were arguing about. And this was years ago
Great thread. I have two to throw out there. We all know cops can be "creative" with ideas. One was an old timer in the 80's (I wasn't there at the time). Construction site for a parking garage across the street from the police department had a crane that was unlocked. Back then some of these dinosaurs had scooters. Imagine coming out of work after a midnight tour and thinking your scooter was stolen only to have a few guys point up to see your scooter 40ft in the air?? :LOL:

One of the females I worked midnights with took a hotdog and a ballon twisted to look like, well round balls. She taped it to my windshield so the hotdog was of course staring at me. She knew payback was coming so every time she got into her RMP she checked it out....I let her sweat it a bit and then with a fleet key was able to get inside her RMP. Darn navy cloth seats. I poured a whole quart of ice cold water on her seat. She checked and checked and then got in. Soaked!
A couple electrician tricks;
Put a long Ty-rap around the driveshaft of your victim's truck
Put a dab of Noalox or Coppercoat in an inconspicuous place of his door handle.
One night at a bar, a friend's girlfriend decided she wanted to prank him by moving his truck (Toyota Tacoma, or whatever they were called before Tacoma) in the parking lot. However, she couldn't drive it because it was a 5-speed. So of course I got "volunteered" to move the truck.... I moved it to a different spot a few rows away. As it turns out, my friend and I liked to park manual vehicles in very different ways - I usually left them in 1st or Reverse and didn't set the parking brake (assuming on level ground). My friend was used to leaving it in N and setting the parking brake.

So a few hours later, the bar was closing and we left... My friend panicked when he couldn't find his truck! His girlfriend laughed and I laughed and he realized he'd been pranked so I led him over to where I'd left the truck. He was mad, but eventually laughed also and then he jumped in and cranked the key. Just like he was used to, he didn't press on the clutch, and since I'd left the truck in 1st in jumped forward! Fortunately there was no one standing there and no vehicle there parked in front of it. But it sure would have ended badly if there was!