Valvoline maxlife or valvoline maxlife nextgen?

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Jun 14, 2010
Feel like switching into the realm of high mileage oils. car has 122k. Clearances probably loosened up so i want to feed it with thicker stuff. Engine seems a little louder now and oil consumption is about 1/4 quart to 1/2 quart every 5000 miles(been like this since i bought it with 55k). Would you use maxlife or maxlife nextgen? came across this uoa and showed maxlife with a tbn of 4.3 still after 4.1k miles..appears to be longer lasting than other valvoline products, but you know, cant judge based on one uoa and on one motor. Which would you use?
Given they are typically the same price point, I'd go with the regular Valvoline MaxLife. I like the idea of NexGen, but, seems stupid to pay the same price when half the product is simply _reused_ oil....right? :P
IMO nexgen will be a superior product (in theory) as it is double processed, not just processed crude. Plus coming in from the recycling line, there will be some fraction of syn oils, etc. in there. But the removal of the crude from the ground is where there is much $$$. Distillation equipment exists. That cost is saved, so it would be nice to have the costs lower.
Give one a shot on this change, then try the other next time. See if the car prefers one to the other.
I've got the MaxLife NxtGen in my car right now and have zero complaints with it. But really I probably wouldn't have a problem with any modern motor oil. I picked it up bc there was a $10 rebate on it. Check the Valvoline website to see if that's still going on.
The Nextgen ML is probably better than the regular ML. Valvoline has put a lot of research into this oil to make sure it doesn't case any problems. I love it.
I don't understand why people think recycled oil is lower quality or worse than "virgin" motor oil. The "virgin" motor oil is refined from crude oil, that has way more contaminates and is nasty black sludge before being refined. The recycled oil just has a few contaminates in it from being run in an engine - A LOT more clean than crude oil. Oil loses its VI and additives but not its lubricity qualities. I'd buy the nextgen
I agree with sicko. I've been using it in the KIA and think its a fine product. I've noticed no negative effects in the performace (if you want to call it that) of my Optima. I'm about 3k into my 5k run and it doing fine. Even though Next-Gen is the same price as the standard White Bottle, I figure any dollar not being spent on foreign oil, is a dollar invested in the good ol' USA. Even though its still 50% “new” oil, every little effort counts. Plus, with the $10.00 rebate, it’s well worth it.
Ya some people here seem to think its worse or should be cheaper but hey if its the same price why not help more money stay here and use less foreign makes no sense to use regular oil if you think of it in this logic.
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Nextgen Maxlife has Moly in it and regular Maxlife does not. I plan on using in my old truck.
They both have Moly in the same amount (about 150 ppm for API SN I think? SM had something like 250). You can check Valvoline's site and VOAs/UOAs from this board for verification.
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Recent UOA on here shows very low Moly in the regular Maxlife and decent amounts in Nextgen, I will post the links.
I think that's because of the change from sm to sn more than NG vs regular. If you can find API SN uoa/voa that show they are different I'd be willing to accept that I'm wrong.
Nextgen gets my vote. I too used to think non-Nextgen was better. But, based on what i now know about oil, i think the green bottle Nextgen, while priced the same, is the better oil. It is a win for EVERYONE involved. If it wasnt the superior oil, i wouldnt buy it. Idk if it was "environmentally friendly" or not, but it is, AND its better, so.. i buy it. smile
because nexgen is used oil, would it burn off easier or even shear faster than regular maxlife?
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because nexgen is used oil, would it burn off easier or even shear faster than regular maxlife?
It's 'new' oil. It's been refined and is within the correct 'grade' as specified on the bottle. Buy with confidence. All the oil out of the ground is dirty and in no shape to be used in your engine without refinement. I'd use abused, used motor oil before unfined crude oil out of the ground without it first being processed. Either way, my point is that both are processed before use. The early UOA results seem very good for the NextGen products.
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