Valvoline 20W 50 Racing Oil

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Jun 3, 2003
I have a 400HP 350 small block in my 79 corvette and I have been using Valvoline 20W 50 Racing oil for the past 13 years in it. My car has seen a lot of track time and high RPM abuse over the years. When it is out it cruises at 3000 - 4000 RPM's and screams to 7000. I have not had any engine problems "knock on wood". I attribute this to the motor builder and the oil. Does anybody have any experience with this oil good or bad.
I used to use in on my boat. Held up oil pressure really good and even at idle after it had been run hard. I recently stopped because, from this website, I have learned that the racing oils, be it vavoline or whoever, do not contain a lot of additives and are not designed to sit in an engine for 6 plus months. If I used the boat 12 months a year, I would have stayed with vavoline 20W-50 VR1.
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