Valvetrain Pictures of a never rebuilt 45 year old engine


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His engine is a nice clean one with a cam, 4-barrel and stainless headers. [Linked Image from]
That looks great, i highly suggest you join either the Capri World or Capri World ( North America ) Facebook groups! My engine is standard, except to Bosch distributor and a re-jetted Carb, and nowhere near as tidy as that cry It still goes pretty well, they were the fastest production European Ford at the time, i have managed to get it to 127Mph on the *cough* autobahn *cough*, very briefly though as that is nearly 6000rpm and these are engines anyhow prefer to chug away at low revs with the torque they have. [Linked Image from]Six from Essex by Lauri Lind, en Flickr
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