Using Wix 57055 vs. Wix 57356 on 2021 Honda J35Y6

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So I am planning to do an oil change on a 2021 Honda with the J35Y6 engine that Wix specs their 57356 series oil filters for. I have a box of several Wix 57055 oil filters available to use and both the 57356 and 57055 are nearly identical in size and have the same threads. Both cross reference with other common filters as well, like the Fram 7317 series for example. Would anyone think that there might be any issue running a 57055 instead of a 57356?

The biggest difference on the spec sheet between the two is that the bypass spec for the 57055 is 27psi whereas it is 8-11psi for the 57356. The baseplates are slightly different as well with the 57356 being more of an inny and the 57055 being more of an outy. Also doing a cursory search on this website it seems like the 57356 series has a history of issues.

Please let me know what you think BITOG 👍
If you still have a Subaru or change the oil on a Subaru, keep your 57055 stash for them :)

I don't think using the 57055 in your Honda will cause any problems, but the 57356/7317 is so common there is no reason not to use the correct filter.

The 57356 has a tiny media cartridge compared to the Fram 7317 series. Also, Fram is the OE supplier for Honda, so nothing wrong with picking up a PH7317 from Walmart and running that.
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... a cursory search on this website it seems the 57356 series has a history of issues.
I've used many NG 7356 (Wix 57356) on Hondas (and Nissan) and c&p'd them all here, not my experience. I've used them since not long after change in base plate geometry, when Wix went from 5/1356 for Honda to the current 5/7356. Went through a few iterations, initially nitrile adbv dome bypass, quickly went to typical Wix thread end bypass with silicone adbv. Most recent have gone to louvered centertube, have used and a couple stashed, all good.

To topic, normally I don't think much about 'minor' bypass psi differences but imo the Suby spec filter psi difference vs 5/7356 is significant. That and the baseplate difference from spec. Much less concern about latter than former. Add in that it's a new vehicle I suspect under warranty and that would make the Suby spec filter a no go for me. No filter warranty coverage, imo too much to lose in this case.

Linked one of the latest 7356 personal anecdotes from Honda use. Typical result ime.