US vs Canada Gasoline Sulfur Content

Aug 12, 2013
I have been looking for a replacement oil for the Castrol 0w40 I run in my truck for summer towing duties and have come across good deals on PP Euro LX also sold as Canadian Tire house brand oil and Quaker State Euro LX all in a 0w30 grade. Seeing as it has a HTHS over 3.5 I have no problem running it for summer towing as well. All are available at good sale prices and have the same specifications at $29 to 35Cdn dollarettes.

My only concern is that this is a low-mid SAPS oil and I'm not really clear on whether or not Canadian gasoline is now considered "low sulfur" or not. US levels are spec'd for 10ppm average and Canada is 12ppm average, both with 80ppm allowed for individual batches. Is that ok for a low-mid SAPS oil? -51C pour point should be good for the winter. It seems like a solid oil all around as long as the TBN doesn't get too low from the sulfur in the Gas. Opinions?

I would stick to Castrol 0w40, but it is no longer sold at any reasonable price in Canada and only in single liters at CT..


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