Trop Arctic - Just as good as most?

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Mar 28, 2009
I just grabbed about 20 quarts of this stuff from Walmart which has the 10-30 and 10-40 on closeout at $1.00 a quart. It's the synthetic blend. Is this stuff just as good as the normal dino stuff out there like Pennzoil yb, mobil 5000, valvoline premium etc etc... If so, I think I'll go back and grab the rest of the 10-30 they had. I have a 2004 Yukon Denali and 2002 Nissan Altima 2.5s. Live in Arizona so I don't see any problem with the 10-30's as opposed to 5-30's. Always use a Wix filter...

What's the norm on an oil like this, around 5,000 miles before changing it out?

Thanks guys.
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it's good stuff, esp for the money
one dollar is great deal

5000 miles is ok if the motor is in good shape and in tune for a average driving style, but i wouldn't go above 5000 miles without a UOA first

I wish wally world still carried the 5w-20 or 5w-30 synblend
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Thanks for your help Miller Man. My wife is going to think I'm crazy coming back with another 20 quarts. Haaa
I run the 10w30 syn-blend Trop-artic in my '01 Grand Cherokee...I do 4k OCI and I get it at Sam's for about 2 bucks a QT so u did good!!!

It is Korean base oil from what I understand, but still like the fact it has some GPIII blended in none the less
Ok, so I just knew that it would be gone if I waited until tomorrow. So I went back and cleaned out the stash of another 22 quarts for a total of 41 or so. I guess I'm set for a while.... I've got quite a stash going with Rotella (bikes), Delo (bikes), Brad Penn (bikes), Pennzoil YB, some Napa and now the Trop Artic... Now I just gotta start using this stuff. I hope there's no fires in my garage.....
Hey Onmo'Eegusee I see in your in Central Washington. I went to Central Washington University in Ellensburg back in the day. Graduated in 96.
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