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The mother "doesn't like hearing people speak badly about her son". Looks like we found the problem. This shows the importance of severely punishing repeat offenders. Very tragic. pics of crash..
Stating the facts speaks badly enough about her son. Sadly there will always be habitual drunk/stoned drivers who will drive whether or not they have a valid license. Claud.
I work in a very dangerous occupation, but probably the most dangerous thing most of us do is drive our vehicles. Very sad story, but my adult son said this stuff happens every day, not downplaying the incident, but emphasizing how much we take the risks of driving for granted. Very tragic, sad, and stupid.
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This shows the importance of severely punishing repeat offenders.
It doesn't ever really happen..... and never will. Too many bleeding hearts...
NY finally used it's 3 strikes law against someone that had 10 DWIs. I'd say this is someone with a serious problem. We've had another case close to me where the DA pled the case to probation, the injured person needed an airlift and around a year of recovery. Why ? The person that caused it was a mom, drunk at 3 in the afternoon when school busses are dropping of kids.
I once arrested a guy on a Sunday for OWI/accident (single car). He bonded out, and had another OWI on Wednesday (no accident). He bonded out that next day and was caught a third time OWI with accident (hit another car) Friday night. His last name was Berry (a matter of public record so no violation of his rights here) and this was all in the same county! He was already "HTV-10" (habitual traffic violator) with 10 years suspended license; for DWS and previous OWIs. That has no effect on these people; they only way to stop them is to lock them up. Period. Think about this; he was caught 3x OWI in one week. Those were just the times we caught him. He likely drove drunk every day, but only got caught 3 times. After the third arrest, upon arraignment, he got "no bond" and was held for trials. Apparently the third time is a charm!
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Sounds like former board member qwerty1234. When he posted here about his job being saved by his union after falling off his forklift at work, I was done with his "stuff". How many more occasions was he operating heavy machinery inebriated, as well as driving?
First reaction: *Junky *Habitual reckless driver *Homicide of a whole family Such a gentleman! Why would anyone say anything bad about him? Next reaction: Obviously a person such as this is considered an "awesome" father, because being a complete lowlife must be considered normal to these people. I hope the children in his family do read all of the insults and criticism. They need to know that it's not OK to be like this. If they think this is what an "awesome" person is made of, they could use a slap from reality. He probably had an "awesome" elder in his family who taught him it was OK to be this way.
“He did the best he could and you couldn’t ask anymore of him,” his son Shane told Seven News.
I feel his pain! Having to go in and out of every day without menacing people out on the road! Having to live very day of my life without slaughtering a whole family! It's too much to ask! All he did was carelessly wipe out a family. Is that such a crime?
. "That's all you can ask of anyone, to do the best they can."
Exactly. If asking someone not to kill whole families is too much to ask, just let them do it. What's the big deal?
[Our hearts are broken not only for our loss but also for the loss the Falkholt family are feeling," they said.
Oh, sure.
Horrible and tragic...but there's so much of it in Oz. Only property damage, but my Caprice got rammed at 11(ish) PM one night by a guy on a motorcycle. I went out the front, and there was a guy getting up off the road, claret running everywhere, told me not to ring the Police...and soon after, a silver Dodge Nitro pulled up, and two women got out begging me not to call the Police. Told the guy to lay on the grass (bleeding badly from clutch hand)...he got in the Nitro and scarpered. Cops turned up as a tow truck arrived, and a guy in a red sports car pulled up over the road...Cops stopped the bike being loaded on the tray, then asked who were witnesses and whatnot...guy in the Red sportscar (shorts, no upper clothes) said that he had come to watch that it was all done right. They found a guy who was the registered owner of the bike with three fingers near severed, at the hospital with two women in a Dodge Nitro. Claimed he knew nothing about his bike, didn't want to report it stolen, as he didn't know where it was, but hurt himself fixing a pushbike. Police told me nothing, wouldn't comment on anything....then I saw in the local rag that this guy was charged and convicted of all the above, 0.275BAC, riding on a suspended licence (BAC again). Left the scene, lied to cops...$300 fine, and a good behaviour bond for 12 months. No licence for 12 months (like that stopped him any other time). My excess for my repairs was $750... Others in the district who blow just over on the way to work on a Friday morning get $1,500 fines and 3-6 months loss of licence (often employment too at that point).
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Dwi should be considered premeditated capital murder,period
I agree. Many of these people have no care for the lives of others and share the "all about me" way of thinking. I have an "acquaintance" (used to be good friends) who drove drunk home from the casino after a night of drinking with her friends. All of her friends drove home intoxicated as well, and the casino is a good hour from where they live. She ended up hitting a guy on a motorcycle at an intersection because she "didn't see him". She totaled her car. The guy made it, but they are still in the process of the lawsuit. When the cops got there she was so drunk she could barely stand up, but told me she "wasn't that drunk". Reality hit when she needed one of those things you blow into installed in her car. An older guy I worked with at my previous job had 3 DUIs and had even lost his license for a period of time. That didn't seem to stop him.
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