Toyota WS color at 50,000 miles

Aug 10, 2020
Roanoke Virginia
We haven’t changed the fluid in ours yet but since we like Castrol products we will probably use that in ours. Usually don’t have any problems using aftermarket fluid.


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Dec 28, 2014
I never did comparisons on a white bucket like yours, but I read on here some time ago that the Toyota brand WS turns purple with use, even though it starts out red. While pouring it into the funnel, I always thought the clean WS had a little more of a raspberry tint than most ATFs.

I bought a Vibe with about 29k miles and drained the pan soon after. That fluid looked about like your "before" comparison, with the addition of a creamy gray cast. I changed it again soon after and took a sample, which came back flagged for high aluminum.

I immediately dropped the pan and did a filter change, then started draining the fluid every oil change and sampling once per year. Toyota's WS was getting expensive with those regular changes, so I eventually switched to Maxlife. Aluminum kept trending down and the trans worked fine until the insurance company totaled it for a parking lot wreck last fall.
When you said Vibe, I immediately thought...Pontiac.

Is the Vibe the Toyota Matrix? I forgot that Toyota has done that with GM in the past...last I remember was a Geo Prizm that I believe was just a Toyota Corolla.