Toyota OEM filter C&P 90915-YZZN1 3800 miles

Aug 14, 2015
This little sucker came off our 98 Camry (2.2L 4 cyl). Bottle is shown for scale. I was not intending to cut this open, but (since I am probably going to be using OEM oil filters from here on out), I did want to see if the Toyota non-orange ADBV was in face silicone. It was. I have pinched silicone and nitrile, and this one was definitely silicone. It was much lighter and flexible than the nitrile that I had for comparison. 3800 miles. I was surprised to see that even though these Toyota OEM filters don't have the metal or fiber endcaps, that there is a small plastic circle that extends about halfway from the inside steel tube, towards the outside perimeter. It was fairly hard. I don't know if that qualifies as an endcap, but it appeared on both the top and bottom of the filter. Ignore the flakes on the filter; I was surprised at how much oil came out during the cutting, and I used some kitty litter that worked its way into the filter while I was cutting it open. As we've come to expect, the filter media looked rock solid, no tears at all. The view I showed in the last pick is what all the media looks like, all the way around.



A burn test on the ADBV is a better way to determine if it's nitrile or silicone. Flexing it at 90F isn't a sure way to tell. It looks to have that slight greenish black color, so probably is silicone like @53' Stude saw on a Toyota filter he cut open and burn tested.
Looks greenish black in the photo to me (zoomed in), same as Stude's photo showed.