Toyota 22R-E Oil Recommendation

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May 28, 2002
Northern New Hampshire
I'm currently nearing the end of a second Auto-Rx application on my truck. Current odometer reading is ~99,500 miles. Previous oil used has been Mobil Drive Clean 10W-30 and that's what's in the truck right now. I've never done a used oil analysis on this truck and it's currently seeing 450 miles of commuting per week all on rural two-lane highways (with a few small towns thrown into the mix). Questions. 1. I'd like to stretch my oil change interval. Previously the truck only saw 5,000 miles per year total and I changed the oil every three months (lots of short trips). I have a lot of Mobil 1 10W-30 in stock ($3.39 per quart at Target) that I use for my supercharged Camry. Does a quality dino oil changed every 5,000 miles make sense or would the synthetic make better sense? It does get down WELL below zero in my part of the country. 2. How far should I go before doing an analysis for both scenarios (dino versus synthetic)? Thank you for your help!
If you can get it for 3.39 a quart......then go with the mobil 1. If you want a dino, then pennzoil seems to have the best cold weather specs. Synthetics should be far superior to dino in cold weather though.
At $3.39 it is hard to go wrong with M1. I would sample it first time out at 7500 miles. Based on that you slowly start increaseing the interval. The 22RE is not hard on oil. If all of the emission eguipment is working right and the engine is in a good state of tune I would not be suprised to see this vechile handle some pretty extended drains. The only thing I have worries about would be to keep that filter system up!!!
I have the 22RE and have 85K miles on it. My engine uses some oil (always did) I usually change once a year which for me is about 6K miles. The change before this was a 25% mixture of Mobil 1 15W-50 with 10W-30. I presently have Rotella T synthetic in. I would maybe go 4K or so with the dino for an analysis and maybe 6K with synthetic. BTW -I use an oversize filter K&N 2009. The reason I go with a heavier oil is that consumption is much lower.
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