Towing question, need a WDH?

The Pilot is an absolutely terrible tow vehicle. You will want another vehicle shortly.
Towing home from the RV dealer will not be any indication if this setup works. Towing a thousand miles (or even 500 or 600 ) on a week or two vacation is the test.
I had a 97 pathfinder rated for 5000 lbs and a 2002 town and country rated for 3400. We towed a popup, probably about 3500 wet. The FWD minivan was by far the better vehicle. It had a longer wheelbase and stiffer rear springs. The pathfinder was surprisingly Bad at towing even the pop up; I can’t imagine towing at its limit. The van, otoh, could easily have done more while being in-bounds from a stability perspective.

with that said, I suspect a WDH, set up with only minor tension, will pay spades if you are doing any long distance trips. The steering stabilizer is gold on the interstate. For short jaunts you may be fine hooking it to the ball and going, but the WDH takes half of the white knuckling off on the interstate. It will help everything from crosswinds to porpoising on concrete bridge joints. It will also roll a little more weight into your drive wheels, also to include keeping your front wheels on the ground during hard braking (yes, I said that right).

i suspect the hitch frame on the honda has some front-rear bracing on it, not just a cross-piece, which will give it some strength. My 08 JGC did the same thing, and it accepted a WDH even though it was a unibody vehicle.

also, don’t be afraid to let the engine rev. Lock it out of OD to protect the transmission. Don’t be surprised that the tall profile eats a lot more power than a pop-up. Consider strap-on towing mirrors. Prodigy p3 is an excellent brake controller.

happy camping!
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Enjoy, see how it goes.

Towing more is better. My barometer is using my mums 2500 GMC Suburban growing up with trailers and neighbors Ford Excursion diesel.

My 15 pilot with a Uhaul open large trailer feels like it’s all over the place but they have cruddy trailers.