Total Wireless "customer service"

Jan 27, 2004
Richmond, VA
Just bought a new phone for my son and decided to add him to our Total Wireless plan - currently have 2 phones on the plan. Was told by the chat "customer service" person that my plan only allows for 2 lines so I need to start a new plan that allows for 3 lines. Ok, I set up the plan with 3 lines and told them over the course of 3 phone calls and multiple chat sessions to close my month to month plan that has 2 phones on it and move them to the plan that allows for 3 phones. The language barrier may be the issue since I hung up once because I could not understand 1 word the person was saying.

Anyways, got one of the phones transferred yesterday....but my account is showing my other phone is still on the old plan. The autobill is scheduled for tomorrow, hope I can get it resolved today so they don't bill me the extra $60. Also got a notification today that the tax on my scheduled payment for tomorrow is $9012.00. Oh the joys of attempting to save a few bucks on a wireless plan.
The big 3 own brand prepaid have cut prices considerably now they are very competitive with MVNOs.
We have Total Wireless as well, when everything goes right they are great, but the few times that I've had to deal with them, they had me pulling my hair out just like you. Speaking with someone who barely spoke English and had the worst phone connection so they sounded like they were on the moon. Still better than my experience with AT&T, but that's not saying much.

$9,000 in taxes, so your bill is supposedly $100,000??? Verizon may be a bit cheaper 😄
TLDR? total wireless can be a good choice with verizon's towers at cheap price. Just hope you dont need customer service and try chat first.

phone support is 100% worthless, chat about 70% with total wireless.
I had them for 2 years+ was plenty happy with the actual phone and phone service just not their customer service.

Switched back to fi 80$ for 4 lines unlimited have deals on s22 right now if you switch. (299)

I had google fi phones unlocked when i switched to total wireless.. they didnt work and their help was worthless wouldnt connect to LTE.
a phone and firmware problem using the moto g power google fi unlocked on a verizon based total wireless.

I ended up doing my own troubleshooting.. they were like the old computer joke about rebooting fixes every problem.
if you ever called compaq or hp you would know what I'm talking about there lol

I also switched because I needed in Canada service and google fi includes it for free (including data)

Edit: finish story.

The final solution for the "unlocked" moto G power phones on total wireless was to unlock the bootloader and flash verizon firmware onto them.
Apparently even though the google fi moto g power is "unlocked" it has issues with verizons towers due to some sort of voice only roaming agreement that google fi has with verizon.

Oh and to transfer out I needed the IMEI from 3 phones ago to move my line just a warning.
They use the IMEI of the phone you signed up with as the account number to transfer your line out.
I went from moto G power to a new moto g power to a pixel 4a5g while with total wireless.. if you move the sim card it works so I never updated the IMEI on record with them partially because their customer service was so abysmal on the phone.
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I also have Total with a 3-line plan. Recently, I got a new phone and wanted to replace one of the existing phones/numbers with it. I googled and found clear, specific directions on a website--Reddit, I think. That, along with the written directions on Total's website, made the process pretty easy. It did take about two days for the switch to take effect. The confirmation said it could take between two hours and two days.

Also, in June I got a pre-charge notice with nonsense in some of the fields that should have been dollar amounts. The tax line was over $1000 and happened to be the last four digits of my account number. A day or two later, a correct notice came and the charge went through at the normal rate.
I probably pay more than I could, but for issues like that I visit my local Verizon store and deal with the issue in person. It gets resolved that way, no fuss and no muss.