Total CEO Killed in Moscow Runway Crash

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Drunk driver is Russia, nah......I can't imagine what his alcohol level was to actually call him "drunk" in Russia.
There are some questions being asked about the official story. I don't know, both sides could be easily lying.

The shift in focus comes after Mr Martynenkov's attorney, Alexander Karabanov, told TV Rain there was no way his client could have been drunk at the wheel.

'My client has a long-lasting heart disease, he does not drink at all,' he said. 'It can be confirmed by both his relatives and the doctors.'

Mr Karabanov later added: 'We now communicate with relatives who unanimously declare that he does not drink and went to work sober. He is always aware of the fact that he works at a crucial place.

'We will participate in all investigative actions. And we believe that it is necessary to consider all possible versions of the event, a mistake of the air traffic controller, human factors, weather conditions.'

Amid fears the snowplough driver and a rookie air traffic controller will be framed, leading opposition politician Sergei Mironov, of Just Russia party, warned: 'The tragedy tells us about the extreme level of negligence in the top management of Vnukovo airport and of their inability to organise the strict security of flights.

'If the airport management prefers to find just another scapegoat - and not to take the responsibility - lessons will not be learned.' The crash would result in massive damage to Russia's international image, he said.

It was claimed today that Mr Martynenkov's snowplough had cleared the runway and left it on the orders from the control tower, but suddenly returned as the Falcon had started to speed up.

'The snowplough has suddenly returned to the runway without any single command when the plane was already speeding up,' a source told news site

'It was too late to stop. The Falcon had no time to slow down.

'The pilot decided to try and take off - but he did not have enough speed. The jet caught the snowplough with the front side of its chassis, and then - catastrophe.'

The source claimed the snowplough driver was, indeed, intoxicated, despite denials from his lawyer.

'But the reports about a trainee working at night at Vnukovo air traffic controls are wrong,' said the source. 'Anyway trainees are not permitted into the air control tower.

'Vnukovo did have complicated weather conditions at the moment of take off. The visibility was poor, with runway movements being controlled with the help of locator.

'The locator did record the strange snowplough driver's activities. The driver is alive and detained. He is being questioned along with air traffic controllers.'

The source stressed that the airport - despite serving Russia's VIPs including Vladimir Putin - is 'in a permanent mess, with regular emergencies'.

It has 'a very bad reputation among aviation experts, and is believed to be the worst in terms of operational organisation'.

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He retained a lawyer so fast. Average snowplough driver with set aside funds to retain English speaking lawyers...
Gee, I thought economic sanctions were in place
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Although in this case the uncle would have more motive than the bear since the CEO of total was trying to bypass the western sanctions place to Russia.
Probably so. Kinda like funding ISSisisisis to keep the price of oil up..
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