Torco Oil

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I have had very good luck with their GP-7 2-stroke oil. It's all I will use in my 2-strokes. I have not used any of their other oils but if the GP-7 is any indication to the quality of their other products I would use them in a heartbeat......If I could find it for less than $13.00 a qt. Their tech guy is very smart, always returns phone calls and e-mails.
I am curious as well about the Torco SR5 and and the difference between it and the SR1. I haven't seen any UOAs on these oils.
Have a look in the VOA section and you'll find some info. I am about to put in their 5W-40 SR5 synthetic this weekend. The difference between the SR1 and SR5 is that the SR1 is API certified and the latter is not. Ie SR5 is more racing orientated, but Torco still say its safe for street use.
I have used their oil for sometime now, and am entirely satisfied. New SR-1 in now. Try it out. A real synthetic, quality designer oil for under $5 qt. delieverd to your door? How can you beat it? [Smile] Company website has the great price (if no dealers in your area) [Wink] Also website states the following: The new line of SR-1 Synthetic Motor Oils continues to prove its superiority over competing brands. In recent independent tests, SR-1 showed average horsepower gains of 2.39% to 3.12% over other synthetic motor oils within the same viscosity grade. [Eek!] Test results to be posted "soon" [Big Grin] [ February 25, 2004, 05:32 AM: Message edited by: tenderloin ]
I called these guys today. The tech guy was extremely nice and informative. Their oils look very good. I'm not familiar with them. They focus on the additive chemistry with their MZ2 or something like that. He had some other things to say about a few other brands. [Smile] He did say their fully synthetics are all Grp IV and V based. He said some companies like to rave about base oil quality but their are only a hand full of suppliers that they buy their base oils from and that most are of very high quality. I believe they buy from EM too. I think their oils would hold up well in hard driving scenarios. [ February 25, 2004, 08:42 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Originally posted by buster: He did say their fully synthetics are all Grp IV and V based.
Concerning the SR-1 line only ..... I'd certainly like to see the MSDS but not enough to call and ask for it . They should be more than happy to give it to someone I would think ? Hint , Hint [Smile]
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