Too much info to make a decision. Is this possible? Synthetic or Dino?

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Nov 13, 2002
Hi, okay I have been to Honda-Tech,, and now here. I have read soooo many posts on what different thoughts people have on oil and filters. I read the 24 page post on Honda-TEch and seen the comparison at I still can't decide what I am doing is justified or a waste of money. I drive a 95 Integra GSR w/107K. I bought it with 101K on it. I occasionly redline it at 8100rpm when I drive it home 200 miles away otherwise I drive it very short distances 70% of the time since school is 2 miles down the road. The last 2 times I changed the oil I put in about half sythetic (mobil1 10W-30) and half dino(10W-30).
I change it every 2,500-3,000 miles. I feel that the sythetic will be benifical since the car redlines at 8100rpm, and since sythetic oil is compatible with conventional oil, I feel a 1:1 mixture is sufficient for this purpose. Also, the car doesn't consume oil (yet) and I am afraid it wil begin to consume oil if I go all sythetic over time. Should I just save my money and use dino oil or fork up the $ and put in all synthetic? If the car didn't redline so high I would just put in the cheaper oil. I just can't decide. Thanks for reading this and any repies!
Because of that high redline on the car, I would definitely say to go for the synthetics. Also keep in mind that with these, you can easily go well beyond the 3k oil change interval.
Save your mixing skills for martinis, go synthetic as was previously posted.

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There is no reason for a relatively new engine to leak or burn oil using a full synthetic. I'd just run the M1, 5w-30 or 10w-30 and you should get at least another 100k out of this motor ....

well as for ur filter question i say bosch is in the middle...mobil 1 filter is good but costs alot and bosch is like 6 bucks...hehe in all i think its wise to stay away from fram...i learned all about this on this site..i have posted many sites where it compares the oil filter inside...and to my conclusion its either one of the top ones or like mobil 1 or bosh...the differnce is that they use a syntetic fiber while fram is cardboard..more filtering capabilities as well.
you would have to buy online, but you can buy bosch filters for $4 online, at least for my car.

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