Tire Sealant

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I've used slime it works great in my dirt bike. it is recommended as emergency use only for cars.
I haven't used ultra seal, supposedly they supply the military with tire sealant. They make a high speed formula.
ultraseal chart

if either are used in an automotive tire the tire guys might not work on it if they know that you have it in your tires.
With thirty years as a tire technician. Don't recall ever encountering ultra seal, but as a rule every tire I've repaired or replaced after having sealant added, other than Slime had slight to massive amounts of rust formation on the wheels. Haven't noticed this being a problem with slime and it works reasonably well as long as punctures aren't too large.

Don't see any need in highway service tires and it does make them a bear to patch if they do get punctured. But in lawnmower, 4 wheeler, tractor, any type off highway service I'd not hesitate to use Slime. Works even better in tubes.

Just notice your location, think I'd set a contaier in the freezer for a couple days to make sure it didn't freeze. get a pretty rough ride when tire has a chunk of ice inside!

I've looked at the specs on this stuff and the freezing point is -30C. This stuff is advertised as having a solid track record of 30 years. If it's that good, why is it not more popular.
I have used and sold FlatFree for several years. I believe it is probably similar to Slime. From a sales side, it is hard to get some people to think about prevention.
Here is my complete take on it:
1. Make sure your tires are balanced before putting it in. If they are balanced, they will be better, if not, they will be worse.
2. It works best in tubeless tires, since it forms a plug as it moves.
3. It really does seal. I've had 1/4 inch bolts in tires til the head wore off and the bolt was pushed through. There are a few pics on my site.
4. It cannot seal 1 inch tears, although I've had it hold the tire up for several 10 miles or so in those conditions. The centrifigal force and the liquid combines well until it is gone or you stop.
5. When you have multiple punctures over the life of the tire, eventually it will need topping off.
6. When you pull a nail or bolt out of the tire, be where you can immediately drive fast a few miles to reseal the tire without the bolt.
7. If you don't have a dryer on your air hose, and you have various punctures requiring the addition of slight amounts of air over the life of the tire, eventually it will become diluted with the water from the air hose and thin out.
8. It is outstanding for ag equipment and off road equipment.
9. I do not like to put it in real wide, low profile tires. The internal ribs sometimes keep it from spreading properly and maintaining balance.
10. If you do get a large hole that you need to patch, do not use water soluble "cold" patches. They will fall off.
11. If you have an alignment or other problem that wears the tires unevenly, unless you can find a high speed balance machine, you will have to dismount and wash out the tire before balancing. High speed balance solves this problem, but most people have low speed equipment.
12. Since it works with the centrifigal force, it is not effective for puctures at slow speeds in the last few feet before stopping. But you can then park with the hole down, inflate the tire, and drive on.
13. Before using it, I've had as many as 32 flats in a week. In the years that I've used it I normally see one or two a year.
14. A couple of years ago, I hit a riverbed right after a storm. Blew one tire and stopped immediately. Two others were leaking. I put the spare where the blown tire was (3 inch rip), put the puncture downward in one and inflated it, then the other leaking one downward and inflated it. Jumped in and continued the journey 150 miles through the mountains to my destination. Saved me hours of waiting for someone to pass or help.
Big Lots has the Pennzoil version of slime in stock at $2 a bottle (16oz). Thats pretty darn cheap. I bought some for my new lawn tractor, my year is filled with sharp tire slicing stuff.
my garden tractor awalys leaked air from all 4 tubeless tyres, it did this sence new. i even went so far as to dismount each tyre and clean the beads of tyres and wheels, replace the valve stems, etc. didnt change a thing.

only thing that worked was to add slime to each tyre. its been over a year and a half now and i have not needed to add any air to the tractor!

ive been so impressed, i was thinking of adding it to my banshee 4 wheeler, but my banshee doesnt leak air, so i wonder if i should mess with a good thing or just wait untill it starts leaking, which ALL offroad tyres eventually do.
Slime is the stuff.... if the leak ain't big.. it will more then likely plug it up for good. Great for mowers or bike tires to wheel barrows. Even dry rotted tires.... fill em with slime and keep going.
My father once got some sealant added when he replaced tires in the 1970s... either his 73ish nova or his 77ish monza...

He said that the wheels had a LOT of rust on them the next time the tires came out.

Sure, the chemistries have been updated and may not do this anymore, but who knows???

Nope still rustin today. I can vouch for that as a former tire buster at a Sears. Plus you can't seal them for crap with a plug/patch if needed. Also seen balance issues as the tires go in and out of balance as the fluid moved around. No thanks just fix the darn thing right and learn to use the spare.
i feel we need to differentiate between "fix a flat" type sealants and the slime type sealants.

the "fix a flat" stuff corrodes inside wheels. i dont know why, maybe becayse its aerosol?

the slime type stuff doesnt promote corrosion of wheels. i dont know why this is. but an easy way to differentiate the 2 is the smile is not in a pressureized can, the fix a flat is.
i always find it funny when tires that come in for repairs have some kind of sealant inside whether it be fix-a-flat or slime, and they are still leaking.

not fun having to clean all that junk out and then having to try and get the patch to stick inside the tire, not to mention the rim is a *******' mess as well.
Some of these products will rust steel rims, our ATV rusted so badly that the rim started leaking through the rust pits.
I carry a can of slime in my car at all times. I have never had to use it on my own vehicle but it has helped several people i have seen stranded on the highway. You would be surprised how many people i have seen driving around without a spare tire. Just a few weeks ago i noticed an older lady with a flat. I asked if she needed help to change the tire. She said her spare tire is in the garage because it uses to much gas carrying it around.

She just ran over a small screw so the slime worked to get her home. Hopefully from now on she will carry the spare tire in the trunk.
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