Tire recommendation for a 2008 Ram 1500?

May 1, 2012
Philadelphia, PA
Hello, I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4. I am going to get new tires soon, because the ones on it , while they have decent tread left, are old (made in 2013) and have a lot of cracking and I would like to replace them before I have a problem.

The tire size I run is 285/70/17.

This truck does not get a ton of miles put on it, because I have a beater Cavalier as my daily driver/gas sipper car. However, when the truck does get used, it's being used for "truck stuff" (hauling full loads of firewood home, bed filled with dirt/mulch, debris, etc., often enough to make it squat quite a bit). It is also used in all kinds of road conditions, clear highway, muddy unpaved back roads, snow, pulling bushes out in 4WD, etc.

I expect that the new tires will "age out" because of rubber degradation before the tread is all used up, but I want a good set of tires, since I am on the road with heavy loads when I'm using it.

Does anyone have a recommendation of good all-terrain tires?

These are the ones I am leaning towards right now: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tire...r=2008&autoModClar=QuadCab&vehicleSearch=true

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Of course, those are an updated version of a classic tire...I'm sure you can't go wrong. I used the original version years ago, and they worked well.

These days I pretty much stick with Coopers, as they work well for me. We have the AT3s on 2 different vehicles.
I’m very very pleased with my BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2. I went with the C load range as I don’t really tow or haul heavy loads most of the time. They absolutely rock in the snow and on icy roads and I think they’re great in the rain as well.
My next set will be the Firestone Transforce AT2. It is a great all around tire. Used on the FD pickups in my area.
IME the best all terrain tires currently on the market are the General ATx. The Falken AT3W and Toyo at3 are also excellent. Any of those 3 will do great for you. The BFG KO2 are good but priced higher and while maybe not an issue for you on a 1500, we were seeing treadlife issues with them on 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. Starting moving those customers onto the Generals and they were lasting longer for them.

The tires I’ve had the most customer complaints about are the Cooper AT3. Almost always for wet weather performance and noise. They did usually seem to last well.
Can you run 265/70/17's on it? They're ~$25-50 cheaper per tire. If cost is a concern that is.
Yoko g015, I’ll cast another vote for that. It may be a nicer tire than what you’ll get out of it, since the truck isn’t driven much. firestone LE3s are a sturdy highway tire and last time I checked were competitively priced. Firestone AT may be the way to go, there is a diehard following for that tire for general, no-nonsense, truck use.
BFG KO2’s. 1/2-ton trucks deserve the C-load tire, while 3/4 and 1-tons get the E-load tire.

My 2006 Alaskan Silverado does well with these on snow and ice. They do wear well if you’re not a cornering demon. Good luck.
Check out the Falkens. Took off Coopers and put on Falkens.. Major difference on noise and traction. Mine is a 2WD but with the Falkens I have never been stuck. When I had the Coopers I got stuck at my daughters house on wet grass on a level lot. Pitifull
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