Tire loses air then stops?

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Nov 29, 2009
I was putting my trailer away for the day and as I walked by it i could hear and see air bubbling out. I expected to have a flat in the morning, but it wasn't really flat. I added air to it, but a couple weeks later it hasn't lost much air. What gives? Trailer tires pick up nails all the time and I have a 1 nail in a spot they won't repair it, so I'm afraid they will force me to buy a new Tire after they find the nail. Not sure if they can. They are like little brad nails that aren't obvious. That particular tire has atleast 2 nails in it.
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Sometimes tires leak to a certain point then stop. Sometimes 10-15psi just isn't enough pressure to leak anymore. Depending on the hole and if the foreign object is still blocking the hole.
Years ago I had a fleet car (Chev. Cavalier) that would have a tire go flat at random times. We never found a leak so we would pump up the tire and check the air pressure daily. It never went down a pound until days later when it would again be flat. Out of other ideas, we inflated the tire without moving the car. The steel wheel had a weld that would leak air if the weld was on the bottom of the wheel when the car was parked. A new wheel solved the problem.
If you are afraid that the nail is a place that they won't repair it, just put some of that "slime" or whatever they call it in it. It should easily fix a small leak.
Air bubbling out... of where? Sometimes the beads get corrosion in there but if you air them up they magically fix themselves.
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