Tips when ordering new vehicle


Oct 14, 2014
I'd possibly pay a little more to get the vehicle exactly like want. However, at this time GM is not allowing any custom configuration orders on their 1/2 trucks.

That's because what few they are making are being snatched up regardless of options.
Aug 5, 2002
Silicon Valley
I've only order 1 car in my life, because my wife wants the exact exterior / interior combination she wanted and they don't make them without special order. Then after we order (have to push to the next model year) they start coming out with that combination for the year after stock. I end up paying about $2k above existing inventory price at the time because I'm not getting any desperate inventory discount.

Ordering with internet sales of every single dealership I can come up with within 200 miles. Took a few months of looking and negotiating, and wait things out. I would not order anything if I am in a hurry.

The next vehicle I bought I just told my wife I'm not going through this again and she can only pick either exterior or interior color, then I look all over and pick one of the most desperate dealer and buy it about 100 miles away, without even a test drive, from their left over inventory from 6 month ago in the last model year. $5k off MSRP. You save a lot when you are not ordering.