Time span for oil leaks

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Mar 14, 2004
I know there is much controversy on the topic of whether switching to synthetic oil on a high mileage engine will result in leaks or not. My question is how long would one have to wait to see the leaks if they were to occur? What's the OCI mileage to expect the leaks after the oil change? Within the first oil change after the switch? Thanks.
That's a difficult question(s) to answer. If your engine is dirty, then you will get leaks once the synthetic cleans out the seals/sludge--meaning false seals. I recommend that you do an Auto-RX cleaning/Neutra cleaning (depends on mileage and condition of engine...the worse the condition, then the more I recommend the Auto-RX) before switching for best results!
If your engine is in good shape expect no leaks. I hit 5k OCI on a my 210k mile 95 Civic with Mobil 1 and no add oil. So really there is no definitive answer. I would just check the oil every other fill up. If you are leaking oil, back to dino as synthetic is not too economical in my opinion when add oil is involved.
Thanks for your inputs. I hear about Auto-RX here all the time, but what exactly is it and how do I use it? What does it do and why is it good for a high mileage engine? Is it safe to use with synthetics? Lastly, where can I find it? Thanks.
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