Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

Larry the turtle. Huge mossyback snapper in the pond. Pic is from about 20ft away this spring.

Larry the turtle.jpg
Larry the turtle head.jpg

And the rest of the gang when he isn't around.
10 turtles sunning.jpg
That’s the plan as of right now. I just need the motivation to do it lol. It will need tires and brakes right away as soon as I get it to run before I’ll even move it on the road.
They are so easy to work on and the parts are ridiculously cheap.

But I hear ya on the motivation.
They are so easy to work on and the parts are ridiculously cheap.

But I hear ya on the motivation.
I have three boxes of parts lol. Yeah motivation is required but I know I can get to it. Getting it running will be my main focus than can work on fully restoring it. It’s been under the cover since about August just to keep it from getting weathered.

One foggy New Year’s Eve. Presumably two of the last pictures I’ll take in 2022. The light is watching over my vehicles. The rare solar yellow Jeep enters its 9th consecutive year of sitting but 6th in this spot. The Beetle will be it’s first new year since I’ve owned it of being covered up. I’ll probably snap a picture of my beer either in the last moments of 2022 or very first minute of 2023. Gosh how time flies I wish we could go back to about 2005 or so and be the same age. I have a perfect record of watching every ball drop since 2008 so I’m not missing this one either. Wonder what the ball will look like this year.
Last weekend, -12 degree air temperature and -40 degree wind chill.
Yesterday, we had an all day rain for a large portion of Illinois and Indiana... rinsing the salt and sand from the roads.
Today, the sun broke strongly through the gloom, and the temperatures made it to the upper 40's. That's...warm...enough.
Tonight, I'm out on the road on the motorcycle, on New Year's Eve, 200 miles from home.... at a lodge somewhere in rural southern Indiana.

I just couldn't stay at home. Especially not this time of year.

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