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From wifey office and craft room
Toilet took a dump, pun intended, so I got a new one. Couldn't get the mount nut off so next best thing was break the bowl. The tank was right up against the wall and so it had some moisture damage and old wall paper. So I am in the process of fixing all that before I put the new toilet in. My daughter picked out the paint color. It looks better in person.


Got some more plates hung up but I’m not done yet lol. The only new addition to the wall in the third picture is the North Carolina. It’s hanging next to my uncles plate the Kansas one he passed away so it means a lot to me to have and I figured I’d put this very beautiful North Carolina one next to it. Above that is the JJC-2243 which was on my dads 1986 Toyota Truck until 2006 but he didn’t renew it after 2004 cause it didn’t go on the road it just went on short trips to the curb and back. Those have been hanging up for a couple years.

Top picture Virginia first edition antique license plate the pair was a gift from my parents for Christmas I have the other in my box of plates. A very pretty Colorado plate under that never seen another one like that. I got that last year at the Hillsville Flea Market in Hillsville VA on Memorial Day. Then an Alaska disabled veteran plate. I have the other one in the box.

Second picture standard West Virginia plate my dad got me on a junkyard he delivered too once.

Third picture already explained.

Fourth picture hung up one California plate have the match to it with the other California plates in my boxes.

Just thought I’d update you guys on my wall if you care if not it’s fine because it makes me happy to talk about lol. I had a collector get upset with me once because I wouldn’t sell my uncles plate to him. He seemed to think he was entitled to it since he collects DDF plates. It’s still on my wall and it’s staying there.

More plates hung up tonight. I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks lol. Since I was off today in observance of New Year’s I decided it would be a good day. Want to hang up more but people keep being on the phone lol 😂. I’m very proud of my New York plates I have no ties to New York but they are hard to get I have a pair of all the ones hung up the match is with my extras. The only design not pictured there is my commercial New York plate because it’s already hung up from a few years ago. Next Delaware and New Hampshire. Delaware is a one plate state and I have the match for the New Hampshire in my box. Next two personalized tags that read the same thing just different states it’s someone’s name from their first marriage. A member on GJ sent me those. I also hung up the Massachusetts plate that our very own member @Hyundai Respecter sent me which I think is one of Massachusetts best plate designs. And underneath that is a Minnesota Critical Habitat plate. I like the duck 🦆 on that one. I got that one on Facebook. The only new hang up in the last picture is the Indiana In God We Trust plate which if i remember correctly it also came from a member on GJ but it’s been awhile so I can’t remember completely.

I will try and snag a pair of Hawaii and Rhode Island plates on eBay soon. Both are kinda pricey but it’s understandable why. Those are the only two states I’m missing.
My Hot Sauce Has Arrived
I've been enjoying Marie's habanero hot sauce varieties for decades. I recently discovered that I can order the sauce directly from her ... Yipee! $6.00 flat rate shipping.