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Some of these for lunch with a avocado and ice water. Nice crappy 62F day and rainy🤮


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I have a cheapie but good PS as well. Used it to charge my jumper pack (that came sans wall charger) that I used on my generator! Hhahahaha

Honestly, I debate wiring my generator to just plug in directly to the jumper pack for the times that I want to run it. It's so infrequent that it's pretty much a waste to have a traditional lead acid battery sitting there 24/7/365.
Post-Christmas ride down 81 in the snow ... experimenting with night mode on the '77 a couple nights ago ... starting the new year right with new tires for the Jeep today! Also not pictured, oil changes on the Jeep and Mazda6.

Figured 10 years was enough from the Jeep tires, original dealer installed Kelly Safaris on the '13. Went down from a D to C load rating so it's a nicer ride. Sitting in Discount Tire right now getting them rebalanced, as there was a big wobble at high speed after initial installation earlier today. One tire was 7.5 ounces out of balance. Oh well, mistakes happen.


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