These are the 10 most and least reliable 2021 cars, trucks and SUVs, Consumer Reports says

Parked or stopped but I believe drivers should not be playing with the touch screen while driving anyway. The commander knob is quite intuitive.

Changes are afoot though.
On some vehicles, the touch screen is the only way to adjust HVAC or the radio.
Can't have Hyundai at number 6.......nope not on BITOG. It must be wrong.........Ford near the bottom....that must be wrong too. Maybe not-just ask the guys with rusted axles on their 2021 F-150 trucks brand new from the factory......

The problem I have with CR is their definition of reliability. Reliability is "the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well."
In statistics, it refers to measure repeatability. But in cars, I consider reliability performing consistently well.
Fit and finish is quality, not reliability.
My old '64 VW ran and ran and ran. Often times a hundred miles a day. All I did was oil changes. Fit and finish was not its strong point; reliability sure was.
Agreed, it also seems that what determines reliability is all over the map. A car could have a ton of infotainment glitches, and it may be categorized as less reliable than one with transmission programming issues. I'm sure many of us would prefer slow or glitchy infotainment over a transmission that can't decide what gear to be in.