There are two formulations of Castrol Syntec 0W-30 - GC - in Europe!

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Nov 28, 2002
Triad, NC
I inquired again with Castrol USA about the data sheet for GC, which is the Suropean SLX formulation. They don't have it and referred me to the British Castrol site for European data sheets. There are two formulations for GC in Europe. Check it out:
Dear Mr D

You can download a copy of the Formula SLX 0W-30 spec sheet from our website

For information, the specifications we have here for this oil are :
VW 502 00/505 00/503 01
MB 229.3

Kind regards

Castrol Commercial Technical Support
Features / Benefits - Castrol SLX 0W-30

- Unique fuel saving characteristics - free flowing qualities and exceptionally low frictional characteristics, combine to deliver substantial fuel economy savings. In field tests, Castrol Formula SLX averaged fuel savings of 5.54% against the oils used before.

- Virtually no engine wear - Castrol Formula SLX flows freely at -30ºC improving cold starting. Considering that 50% of all car journeys are under 7.5 miles and as it normally takes the engine 10 minutes to warm up, the unique free flowing characteristics of Castrol Formula SLX ensures that your engine is protected instantly using Castrol Formula SLX. At temperatures exceeding 300ºC Castrol Formula SLX prevents sludge build up and its low volatility minimises oil consumption

- Peak performance throughout even the longest service intervals - the specially selected base oils and additives ensure that the engine is protected from wear and deposit build up throughout even the longest service intervals

- Improved performance - the 0W-30 viscosity improves performance by lowering frictional resistance, giving power output improvements and a reduction in operating temperature

- Environmental protection - the 5.54% fuel savings result in less fuel being burnt and a low phosphorus content ensures the catalytic converter works at peak performance, thereby minimising the effects of harmful emissions.

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