The Ultimate Cheap Oil Haul?!?

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Nice score!
Now take those receipts and print the Mobil rebate form.
That will make even nicer.
Originally Posted by BossMoss
If one sells a quart to oneself over and over for 1 cent each time, one may have purchased 10,000 quarts in a short period of time for only $0.01 per unit.

I declare myself the winner by far.

You lose.

If you're really getting oil for less than $1 a quart, just imagine how low the actual break even point is. For other products too.

I bet you made that score at the Autozone Black Friday sale last Thanksgiving.
As far as I can tell I'm at 108 quarts currently.

Oh boy. That's 27 gallons. I should stop for a while.
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At what point would it be cheaper to try to buy whole sale direct from the manufacturer
It pains me to no end to admit this ...
but with that stash and such a low average cost, you can afford a few short OCIs even on synthetics.
Originally Posted by joegreen
When the Shell rotella 2.5 gallon jugs were on sale for $15 per jug from AutoZone plus the rebate from shell I bought around 40 gallons of it. I bought all they had from multiple stores in multiple states. I think it came out around .25c per quart.

Same here. T5 10W30 SM: 48 2.5 gallon jugs. With rebates it came to ~ .23/quart. T6 5W40 CK-4: 10 gallons at $.03/quart. All for my mechanic who is a good friend.

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