The South Will Kill You

Jan 25, 2003
Decatur AL USA
I made a nice semihealthy lunch to take from home today....

I caved and went out instead...

Meat & 3 from the Local Diner.

Country Fried Steak w/ White Gravy
(at least 14 oz if I'm any judge)

Mashed Potatoes w/ White Gravy

Purple Hull Peas

Fried Green Tomatoes

Banana Pudding

Iced Tea

$10 including tip...

Living in the South is going to kill me yet.
Definitely had and made chicken fried steak. Really good with gravy, for breakfast - tasty.

But chicken fried chicken, that is fried chicken fried. Cept no bones. I suppose.
You could have went for sides that are even higher in fat. Mustard greens cooked in fat back. Mac and cheese. Fried okra.

Actually, the small local buffet style diners is one of the things I miss most about the South. They typically have very few healthy choices. But that's not what they are about.
Greens I think are the only thing that keeps southern folks alive. I LOVE collards. One garden I had two areas nothing but collards. Don't have to be cooked in fat.

As for chicken fried, I bought half an organic beef. I had ALL the round steak made "cubed" (which means tenderized in these parts.) HOLY GROTTO does that make good chicken fried yeah I don't eat 'em all with gravy.......sometimes unbreaded....sometimes with mexi spices.........otherwise I am NOT a fan of round steak.