The Search For a Non-Lithium Based Grease

Sep 20, 2022
Morning Fellows, With the upcoming installation of the 32mm Hotchkis sway bar, I was told by the Hotchkis techs that we need a non lithium based grease once the poly bushings have been installed. The search online seems to show that nearly everything is lithium based. can someone create a list of some of the non-lithium greases on the market. I'd appreciate it.

So far, I suspect that the Lucas Oil X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease is the only grease I've located that doesn't say anything about being lithium based.
Prefect, found a full list at granger, Plus we already have an account with them. If one does a search for "multipurpose" grease there's more grease options available. On the left side of the page, one can select or deselected the type of grease base. This way I can deselect the "lithium" option and just get the multipurpose and complexes.|Cartridge~~Grease+Thickener|Aluminum+Complex|Calcium+Sulfonate|PTFE|Silica|Silicone&filters=attrs&gwwRemoveElement=true

*FacePalm* I should have known.. Opened the box with the brackets, bushings and hardware which contained a small pack of grease.. clearly marked on the pack.. superlube silicone..
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Go find a local oil distributor.

They will have several options for non lithium greases.
Here's one link from the many when you Google "grease for polyurethane bushings":

It appears that silicone grease with Teflon additive is the most common recommendation.
^ Yes, a viscous silicone paste grease is ideal for poly bushings, not the *typical* thinner dielectric grease, though some thick silicone pastes throw the word dielectric on anyway to add to confusion.

PTFE, won't hurt but not essential. A few choices:

This search for non-lithium grease doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Lithium grease is not particularly damaging to poly bushings, just won't last as long in this application if the oil separates and pumps out which is the same situation with many other non-lithium greases. You want a very viscous, tacky grease. Water resistance is also of benefit so if I had some philosophical resistance to using silicone paste (like not having any but did have the following...), then I'd use a calcium marine grease.

Long story short, I'd just get the Raybestos linked above. It's also great for brakes and rubber weatherstripping so the expense can be deferred over multiple applications.
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I use SuperLube or Loctite ViperLube for bushings. PAO based, one uses PTFE as a thickener, the other uses a calcium complex or OBCS.

Lithium is just the thickener, they’re more concerned about the base oil that can attack rubber or polyurethane.