The Ecoboost engine and the type of oil...

The highest mileage EcoBoost I'm aware of is closing in on 320,000 miles. No issues at all. He uses 5W30 Motorcraft semisyn when the dashboard tells him to change it. I use oil the same but change mine at 7500 miles.
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Would there be any issues running a 0w40 such as Mobil 1?
In my 2015 … M1 0w40 is what I ran for the last 20k after doing all the noise testing … (5k OCI, 2x on filter) (tested PUP & M1 in 5w30 and M1 Formula M in 5w40) The engine ran quieter on the 40's … I was probably pushing it on calcium … but the engine loved mid grade gasoline and ran great.
I forgot the calcium being an issue.
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Look into rotella gas truck instead of T6. Literally made for applications like this.
What do you mean by this? Is RTG meant for conventional MPFI v6 and v8 applications, or is RTG meant for GDI turbo applications, or are you saying it doesn't matter what application just that RTG is a good oil?
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Once again, wear metals in UOA samples DO NOT reflect the rate of engine wear.
Is not most of what is reported simply from complex CC chemistry putting metals in solution, also EP sloughing off high load bearing areas?
Which means it was doing its job a some point. I've seen may UOA on failing engine with nothing flagged in the UOA. Which means most wear particulate are in the filter proper - where they should be.

I've said it for decades here - you have to wash down the filter element with acetone assay what you find in there.

I had to lab equipment in our startup in Wilmington where I could have done this, but I was so busy with work there was no time.

- Ken
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Ive been reading about Navi’s quests and challenges. I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusions, but I don’t necessarily agree with his naysayers. I’m not qualified to give advice, but I get to have opinions. Funny that he mixes Subaru anecdotes with his Ecoboost experiences, as I have 2 similar engines: older Subaru EJ25 turbo and 1st gen 3.5 Ecoboost. But a few comments:

I have had the fuel dilution issue in the Ford. To those who say the workaround solution is to change oil more often, let me just say, I had one UOA done at a ~900 miles (hundred, not thousand) interval, and my fuel % from Polaris/Amsoil lab was ~4.7%, and viscosity was way below grade at 8.4. Previous 6000 mi OCI was 4.2% resulting in 8.2 cst. Subsequent 9600mi OCI had dramatically lower fuel and 10.4 visc...on different oil (Valvoline Premium Blue RESTORE 10w30). A more recent 7700 mi OCI (with an untested short off-season OCI in between) has confirmed the lower fuel and better visc with the VPBR. Only engine mod/repair were new plugs (std Motorcraft...newer spec) just before the more recent 7700 OCI.

I do agree the EcoBoost issues are not caused by oil, nor can they be resolved by oil (well, maybe some issues can be), but finding the right oil to “survive” those issues is something worth seeking. I feel really let down by the Motorcraft semi-syn used for 4 OCI’s (I assume), and the dealerships which performed those OC’s. Also underwhelmed by my (tested) results on PP and PUP. I don’t know which of these oils contributed most to the issues I had, but the best way I can describe things is the VPBR is cleaning up the mess left behind.

Makuloco’s video was interesting, though I’m not going to tear my engine apart now to put an aftermarket oil pump in. But I will look into the new API SP oils, however, I have 2 summers-worth of VPBR stash. Also the HP fuel pump discussions piqued my interest, as did mention of TSB 14-0040 and subsequent, though I don’t think it applies directly to my particular vehicle.

I think my approach is going to be 2 oil changes per year: one right before any big (7000-9000 mi) summer trip, filling with VPBR, and one right after the trip...more or less. I’m not sure what oil (something cheaper) for the off-season OCI. But it won’t be 5w40. The target off-season oil will hopefully be something that won’t totally undo the good the VPBR has done, and hopefully will be as close to Walmart-cheap as possible. M1 ESP 5w30 is a possibility, but it would have to be on sale...and again, this is probably for a ~4000 mi OCI. Regular M1 5w30 is also possible.

FWIW, I use “old school” Castrol Euro 0w30 SL in the Subaru. The “oil whisperer” I’ve been listening to doesn’t even hint at Euro Castrol (or any Castrol) being an option for the EcoBoost...and I asked. He doesn’t seem to like Shell (Pennzoil, Rotella, QS) either. Don’t ask me why. Maybe something EcoBoost-specific, or maybe a grudge; maybe he knows something about chemistry he’s not telling me. OK, he knows a lot about oil chemistry he’s not telling me. I’m afraid to ask for his advice on the Subaru. We’ve not discussed it.