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Nov 16, 2002
...I get from reading every post so far is that Mobil 1 is the best oil for your money. When Amsoil raises there prices in January, it might hurt them. Especially if you read this websites data. M1 SS has proven itself well and by some even beats AMSOIL in certain tests. Both are great, but if I can buy M1 at a local store for $4.99qt., how can I pass that up? And based on what people have said about these ridiculous benchmark tests, makes the case even greater.

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Mobil1 is indeed a very good synthetic oil with a price to sell. I've used it before and it keeps engines running clean and smoothly. Although Amsoil is going for $4.99/qt at murrays and Mobil1 is only 3.59/qt. I'm currently using Shell Rotella Synthetic and hopefully when I drain it at 5-7k miles I'll get an analysis done on it. But the analyses on Mobil1 all seem to be good.

The best oil for your money is dino on sale for $1/qt and 3k mile changes.

Change the cheap stuff every 1K and you're still saving money over M1.

Take my advice, I'm not using it.

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what people have said about these ridiculous benchmark tests

Please elaborate. Are you refering to the 4 ball wear tests?

It's strange -
people say both ways - running in real life is not a controlled experiment, but lab tests are not real life....I just have not seen enough analysis posts to come to the conclusions you seem to have reached.

Amsoil's price increase is small, and after 2+ years well within CPI
True, well within CPI. If it goes much higher for the 0w-30, M1 becomes more appealing considering it is not far off from AMS. I believe it was Ken who said these tests mean nothing. I disagreed, they have to have some meaning. Yes, they are not real world engine tests but you have to have some benchmarks otherwise how do you know what your buying?
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