Tesla to close most of its stores and sell online

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In related news, Tesla isn't actually laying off any of these retail employees. Instead, Tesla is slashing their compensation, supposedly in hopes they will quit on their own. This is one sleezy company.


That's business. Nothing surprises me.

I still think its a great idea to sell Teslas on Amazon.
Especially with the 'clip coupon' tab to save $3000 off a Tesla at check out.
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Tesla had a $1billion debt deadline as of today. My guess is they will default.

It not today it will be someday.

My great great great great grandfather told me in 1960 never to invest in GM, it was going to go bankrupt. And what do you know, he was right although sadly he never got to see his prophecy came to fruition in his own life :)

Oh by the way Tesla made the payment but as you predict, in probably another 80 years, they could go bankrupt.

Closer to 3 years.

I am betting you have made this type of prediction in the past. When did you first make it? 5 years ago? How many months did you give them at that time?
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I think it's unlikely Apple will buy Tesla. The rumor has floated around for a while now. Other rumors included Apple buying Disney and Apple buying Sony.

The car rumors are sketchy. If anything, Apple would get into the subscription car service but that is a bit off as of now. Banking is another rumor with some credibility.

Such are rumors.

Apple and Disney getting together would be like the Russians and Germany getting together in 1941. Let's hope that never happens.
Makes total sense to me - retail outlets make sense for 50-100K autos.

35K electrics have no margin for retail rent, or sales people.
I think Sandy Munro said there was like 18 points in that car @ 35K - of course autopilot bumps the margin considerably.
Cars like that are bought vs sold.

People have been saying they are going to go bankrupt since they started.
If guys believe that so strongly they should put their money where their mouths are and short the stock and see how it works out for them.

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