Musk & SEC / Tesla Shares Skid / Disappointing deliveries

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But what they have done is amazing; a true Silicon Valley success story.

Define "true Silicon Valley success".

An idea; put everything on the line, work like crazy.
If it works you just might change the world.

You may fail; you may succeed and then technology overtakes your success; it is all part of the process.
There is a buzz; an excitement in Silicon Valley.

FYI, I met with the ex. Tesla CIO and was blown away by Elon's ideas regarding my line of work.
Tesla uses SAP for manufacturing, which is sooooo expensive. I hate SAP and mfg systems in general.
Elon hated SAP; we discussed writing our own MRP II system.

You may be closer than you think....

I looked at TSL jobs last year just for fun: A lot of jobs in the ERP/MRP space where for some custom development
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