T6 and a UTV..

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Jun 3, 2009
So ive got all my powersports and lawn equipment on Rotella nowadays, however ive recently got to questioning the longevity of T6 in a UTV (in my sig 09 Ranger 700efi) I dont beat on this machine however i do use it, some weeks the motor may see a few hours of use, I know some in the dirt world will only run this stuff in heavily used machines for a wekend then dump it.. and others in the roadracing trackday world will do a few track days and the same thing, dump it.. Hour wise, im questioning how long i should keep T6 (only two quarts) in a large side by side UTV before dumping.. I was of the opinion for awhile that once a year with moderate use would be fine.. and it likely is.. im just curious about others opinions on this. No im not blowing $20 bucks on a UOA on a UTV ill likely only have 5-7 years.. Im just curious, not worried.
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Every 50 Hours is the average however a full synthetic should be able to go longer. Just keep an eye on it, like you normally would, and it should be a great oil choice for you. I use 15w40 in my small engines (lawn mower and polaris sportsman500) and it works great.
That Polaris engine doesn't have a wet clutch to shear the oil. IMO you would be fine with 50 hour OCI, maybe less(25 or 30 hours) if you ride in really dusty conditions.
all the above, very dusty, sometimes muddy, however on the stick the oil still looks decent.. its prob got 30 hours on it this year.
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