SuperTech Syn Blend HM @ Walmart

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Nov 25, 2003
The Tropics of Antartica
Has anyone been using the Synblend Supertech oil ? They have a newer car 5w-30 and HM 10w-30 and 10w-40 . I noticed it said on the bottles it used seal conditioners/ seal cleaners but specifically they were harmless for use in newer cars . I presume this stuff is new on the market and it's like 1.37 a quart , cheaper in the jugs .
In comparing this to Pennzoil blend 10w30: ST has lower pour point -48 (c or f?) v, -33(-27) for Pennzoil. ST has higher VI 142 v. 136 for Pennzoil. Pennzoil has better HTHS 3.1 v. 2.94 for ST. I'm always perplexed that ST has a lower pour point for its 10w30 than it's 5w20 or 5w30. Might be that Warren blends from widely different sources depending on what it can pick up.
I used the ST 10w-30 HM in my wife's '96 Taurus. At about 70,000 miles the car wasn't exactly "high mileage" but I just wanted to try the ST oil. I didn't do a UOA but the car ran fine, started fine, didn't consume any oil and frequent checks on the dipstick showed it was maintaining a sort of dark honey color. The oil went in right around October (I think) and stayed in most of the winter after we gave the car to my dad. Sorry I can't report UOA numbers.
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