Superior Home Depot customer service experience. Time They are A Changing.

I love that the HD website shows inventory and location of the item in store, very conveinent. I generally hate self checkouts, but the HD ones are easy to use - no stupid scale!
big box stores’ three frustrations: 1. finding your desired item; 2. finding someone to help you; 3. long waits to pay for what you finally find.

self-checkout is a step in right direction.
1) use the web page local store, it has aisle and shelf location along with amount in stock so you don’t waste your time going there and walking in circles.
Every store, whether HD or Lowes, will vary in the quality of knowledgeable help depending on the time of day a customer shops. In our store, you'll find the most experienced people working up to 5pm M-F. Weekends, little more staffing but you might not get the most experienced person in a certain dept. Everyone should work retail a yr. or two. It can be very hard on your body walking 12 miles a day on concrete for a FT associate.
i have used their app and found it accurate about 80% of the time. Have two HD about the same distance from my place. One is great with plenty of excellent customer service while the other is just average.
Lowe's gives you the aisle and location on their website, so in theory, you don't need to interact with anyone. But I agree, customer service at certain places has gone up.
Hence why I love Ace Hardware, or an independent auto parts store.
Unfortunately you won't find many independent auto parts stores. Especially here. Ain't nothin around.
Unfortunately you won't find many independent auto parts stores. Especially here. Ain't nothin around.

All of the independent auto parts stores around here became affiliated with NAPA. At least one of them doesn't sell NAPA batteries though, they sell Interstate batteries. Which makes me wonder how much control these stores have over what they sell.
If you do not need it today go with Amazon.

When I need service go and pay more at your local Lumber / Hardware Store.
The service might be trying to lower retail theft. My girlfriend appreciates womens clothing places with lots of customer service.. but lots of that is keeping folks from putting stuff in their bags. In any case its good business
On Black Friday I went to Lowe's to get a piece of wood for a project . There were employees everywhere . They were stocking and building displays and greeting people at the door passing out flyers , etc. I commented to my wife about it when I got home . She's a retired Manager . She said that is because NOBODY is off on Black Friday . All hands on deck . And here I thought they had changed their ways ..
Couple months ago, I installed an attic fan in my house. Went to HD to get the one I wanted. Had to get an associate because it was high enough off the ground to get their ladder. Associate proceeds to climb up, get the fan, and as he proceeds down, he drops it a good 8 feet to the ground. He actually tried to hand me that fan, I politely declined, and he climb back up and grabbed another.
It seems to depend where you go. Customer service is hit or miss like always. My dad needed a large ladder for putting christmas lights up, I told him I would grab one at Home Depot and bring it over. Went to HD and after seeing how massive it was and how high up I definitely needed assistance getting it down. Two guys came over and helped right away, super nice. Other times I've had to search for people, and then they usually give vague answers or tell me that "an associate should be in that area".