subaru front wheel bearings/hub

Dec 28, 2009
Hey all,

Does anyone know what the oem bearing is for subaru? Is it Koyo or NTN? RA has BCA WE60630 with NTN, and BECK/ARNLEY 0514012 which is koyo. Also is it a good idea to buy new hubs? or reuse old one if no pitting?

Also my subaru is a 98 impreza, (press on bearing/hub) the axle was seized in the passenger side hub. After an air hammer, few dozen hammer blows, and finally the 20ton press it came undone. What are the chances the wheel bearing or hub is fubar? The hub spins, no in/out play, no grinding. This hub has a bit of resistance and will only spin 1 revolution before it stops. Is this a sign of a damaged wheel bearing?

Comparing it to driver side hub, which the bearing grinds a bit, has no resistance and will spin 2 revolutions.
Either is fine. Koyo and NTN are both good and are both OE suppliers to Japanese cars like your Subaru. So is NSK. You can't go wrong with any of those three :)

Also, Subaru wheel studs are prone to breaking. You might even snap a few while doing this job. If you don't get a new hub, replace the studs at least :sneaky:
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