Stihl problems

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May 29, 2005
Ozark Mountains
My son has a Stihl MS310 chainsaw about seven years old. He hardly ever uses it so I would guess it only has 20 or so hours on it. It cuts well and starts pretty easy but after it warms up it will stall very easy and often. Then it is hard to start and when you do it will idle but when you hit the gas it will stall. My son has rebuilt the carb, new air filter, new fuel filter, new plug and tried to adjust the mixture. We also use Sta-bil and change the gas out often. Any ideas? Thanks!
I would suggest that teh gas is now bad. Has he ever put any of teh stabilizer into it? Was in tuned for a lower elevation? I run the veegtation management program for my district out here so we deal with alot of the stihl saws.
Have your son search around for tips on adjusting the mixture on that carb. Also I guess he should check for air leaks in the intake boot or even the crankcase. Carbs don't usually just adjust themselves. Something has changed.
That model is prone to having a cracked fuel line, right in the bend from the tank to the carb. Remove the air filter so you can see better, take a flashlight and look closely at it while moving it back and forth, if it's cracked you'll see it.
definitly sounds like a cracked fuel line very common on this model,,, fix it or put a topend on it
While you're checking the fuel line, check the vacuum pulse line as well. If it's not sealing properly, it won't allow the fuel to pump as efficiently.
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