Stihl HP Ultra 2 cycle oil - Biodegradable in 21 days????

Their response makes no sense whatsoever. There is no biodegradation going on in fuel. You need, you know.....a biome for that to occur. It also shouldn't be biodegrading when exposed to air, unless you have a huge yeast culture floating around just waiting to colonize your fuel container. That 21 day time period should be based off of soil microbes though, which ideally are not in your fuel container.

Now the oil may have a mixed shelf life of 21 days, which would be a pretty poor shelf life, but it is not biodegrading within 21 days mixed in fuel.
Microbes can exist in fuel and can do lots of damage to the fuel. It wouldn't be a stretch for that to happen in oil if you designed the oil or the microbes right.

Stihl has had biodegradable oil for a while. I think that the super they used to make was biodegradable.
So are they saying after so many days the oil in the gas has gone poof, they have proven a good reason not to use synthetic 2 stroke oil.
Hmmm maybe this is the up an coming new thing, any synthetic oil used in anything will turn to cool aid after so many months, then you gotta go buy some more. ???
Come on guys,do you think Stihl would sell an oil that only lasted a short time once mixed.Biodegradable means if you pour the oil on the ground it will decompose in a given time.They quote Biodegradable more than 60% according to OECD 301 B.Compare this oil to mineral oil which probably takes years to decompose.As I've said before,I know of no better 2 stroke oil for the OPE industry.If you know of a superior oil please list it along with the relevant test data showing its superiority.Just saying it meets FD is not a test comparing oils as used in the OPE industry.
stihl ultra was made purposely for their 4 mix engines and works fantastic in them. dont waist extra $ using it in reg 2 stroke engines. 4 mix engines are extremly prone to oil deposit issues. never use conventional 2 stroke oil in a 4mix engine. they love amzoil sabre.
I just ordered a few 2.6 oz bottles of Amsoil Saber, but I will be mixing it at 50:1. Sadly I guess I am finished using Stihl HP oil.
I run saber at 80-90:1 in my Sthil kombi for the last 4 years. Smells great. Even in the heat of summer in Texas.
Oil biodegrades rather quickly.
I feel much better now. Great grandpa taught me right: