Specialty Formulations 20w50 TC88

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Aug 26, 2005

This is my report for Specialty Formulations 20w-50 I ran in my FLSTS 2003 TC88B
Info on bike: Oil was run for 2803 miles. (8900 miles on engine) I had it on the dyno to dial in a new carb. I made 5 runs with it on the Dyno drags. Rest were around town and over the road miles. Bike has Hi Comp pistons 10:5:1 1450 cc Larger cams and performance ignition and high flow intake, 42mm carb, 2 into 1 thunderheader exhaust system. I ride it pretty hard.
About 700 miles the bike was run in over 100 deg heat running down the highway 70 to 80 mph.
I am real happy with Specialty Formulations oil in the trans and the engine. member #59 MolaKule makes great oils.
Heres my best Dyno run to date for those interested.
And I almost forgot...

I would not worry about the shearing to a 40 weight. The performance of the oil is seen in the wear metal mitigation--not in viscosity retention as so many folks incorrectly believe. Your wear metal numbers are great; the oil did an excellent job.


I would not worry about the shearing to a 40 weight. The performance of the oil is seen in the wear metal mitigation--not in viscosity retention as so many folks incorrectly believe.

Dan, you know I only get wild-eyed about viscosity when it dips down into the 30's!

What I want to know is how the OP found some SF motor oil?
I might just have to try some of that after my AutoRX rinse. His gear oil works spot on in the HD tranny. I don't see it on his website yet - is he getting ready to release it to the public? Or is it still in the "speakeasy" stage...
I didn't even know SF made a 20-50! I use their gear oil for my differential and transfer case on my cars and in one motorcycle rear-end I had in the past, and one manual transmission car. I'll have to look for their 20-50 next time I change the oil in my bike...a Vulcan 2000. BTW, since you posted your dyno runs, you do realize my stock Vulcan lays down better numbers, don't you? B`)
The TBN is incredible. This report looks very good. I'm sure Mola builds one good oil. I would have thought the Moly level would be up there knowing Mola....goes to show you how much I don't know
As I shared with LC when we interpreted; this is THE BEST HD oil analysis result I have seen this year. Hats off to SF for the chemistry and LC for using oil analysis to dial in the Vtwin. Considering modifications it makes it that much more impressive. Note that fuel dilution is closer to 0.75 - 1.0 % range which speaks reams about how a multi ester formula can hold up.

Mola runs this racing oil in Methanol burning race cars with no problems.

SALUTE ! Terry

Someone asked about automotive 0w20 SF oils and I must say we are testing some at this time. In Honda I4 engines with wonderful results, still being tweeked though.

No one is using as many cutting edge adds and bases as Mola and it shows.
I contacted Mola after Terry suggested I do so. Bought the oil and ran it like I would any other. I am sure if you contact Mola at SF he will be happy to sell you some oil.
I knew the bike ran a bit on the rich side. It runs best there. I may down the road try some other tweaks but for now it run great and plan on leaving it alone.
Considering that the Vulcan is 550cc bigger than my 1450 I would hope it had better number. Real life I never been beaten by one either. But I don't really care. I have had my share of metric bikes and worked on 100's. There all good bikes.
But this is about the great oil that Mola makes and how well it will work in all bikes no matter what make.
Thank you's to Terry and Mola.

Now on to this winters project a 1977 XS650 Yamaha street tracker. Yes it will get Mola's great oil also.
I originally got off of Hondas and BMW's to get on Harleys in the early 90's in order to force myself to be more reasonable with speed and fast cornering (neither of which Harleys have much of, with the exception of a newer design/model, aka V-rod). But, as I've aged, I seem to be able to keep my right wrist under more judicious control. The 2000's Computer helps keep that power under control, as it won't let the engine develop full power in 1st and 2nd gears...trying to keep the rear wheel from spinning and keep the front end on the ground. Yep, they're very different animals from a Harley, and I wouldn't have even mentioned it, except that you posted a dyno run on your tweaked Harley that would be indicative of a malfunction on a stock Vulcan 2000.

It is very good to know Mola will concoct a special formula oil for bikes...I really appreciate you bringing that info to the board. I'm very happy with their gear and transmission lubricants, so, I'll give them a chance to make an engine oil for my bike, too.
The SUS viscosity, 76.6 @ 210F, looks very slightly low.

What is the viscosity of this formula new in the bottle?
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