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May 2, 2011
Huntsville, AL
Morning all!

As a newb to this lubrication science, I'd like to get a oil type/grade (and oil filter) recommendation from y'all. My particulars:

1. 1979 Ford F-150, performance-built 400 engine (359 hp, 471 ft-lbs, hydraulic roller cam/lifters, broke-in on dyno). This is a semi-daily driver...driven 2-3 times a week. It is an in-process restomod. I've made a significant investment in the engine, and I want it to perform as it should, while keeping it in good shape

2. From the 1979 shop manual: "To maintain these [smog] systems, use of a high grade motor oil is essential. Ford 6000 Mile Motor Oil or equivalent are formulated to meet these requirements. Other brands, if used, must meet Ford performance specification ESE M2C144A or API classification SE or SE/CC or equivalent." NOTE: I do not run the majority of the smog gear in this truck. Aside from the PCV valve, the previous owner removed the cats, A.I.R. pump, etc. Also, as far as viscosity recommendations from the manual, there's the typical ambient-temperature-based chart.

3. Northern Alabama (Very hot summers, cool-to-mild winters/occasional snow)

4. This is a "toy," and is driven as such. Occasional commuting trips to work when its raining and I don't feel like riding the bike. Not a whole lot of dedicated towing/hauling, but the occasional bed full of junk to the dump, or helping move stuff, etc. It's not going to be taken to the strip, but *might* get goosed off the stoplight every once in a while.

5. The trip to work would be ~ 10 miles each way, residential/stop-and-go all the way up to 70 mph highway. I don't see a lot of long trips in its' future, especially at sub-10 MPG.

6. No known problems. Engine runs like a scalded dog.

I'd prefer synthetic...I'm more familiar with store-bought, but I know nothing about mail-order options. Planning on changing oil every 3 months/3,000 miles.

Hope I've given enough info...if not, holler!

Thanks in advance!

Quaker State or Mobil 1 synthetic would be a good choice, along with a good filter like Purolator or Bosch. The 2 oil's I mentioned could go over 3K also, if needed.
if your gonna be redlining it alot i would go with a 5/40 syn like rotella T6 5/40 or Pennzoil platinum euro 5/40(any euro 5/40 will do)

if your going to baby it and only get on it when entering the highway a 5/30 syn will work just fine.
my fav brands are pennzoil platinum and ultra, castrol edge, quakerstate ultimate durability, and valvoline synpower.

QSUD is a very good oil and the cheapest of syns at walmart for 19 a jug. castrol edge is expensive but is good for up to 15k miles between changes(so they say)

you may need to try a few and see what your engine likes best.

a blend would be good as well if you want to save some money. especially with 3k ocis

motorcraft makes the absolute best filter for under $5
bosch, purolator, and wix are vey good filters as well. just a bit more
Originally Posted By: addyguy
Rotella T6 5W-40 all the way.

Stretch your oil change to 5-6K and you're good to go!

^ This.

Any quality 'syn' (that term is used loosely around here)will work.The 5w40 in Rotella,M1,Pennzoil Platinum(P1). Mobil 1 15w50 is my favorite for big V-8's ,lots of protection there.
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