Spark Plugs - 2000 Ford F150 4.6 V8 ?

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Check out rockauto for motorcraft plugs. Or pepboys or advance auto with sales+discount codes. Im not sure if any particular after market brand may work fine. But it has happened in the past a few times where I came to the conclusion that Ford engines do not like non ford plugs. Save yourself the time of doing the job twice. Perhaps someone else knows of a less expensive brand they have used with success? I would strongly recommend springing for the motorcraft
Get them from the dealer, they are generally pretty inexpensive. Also, be sure to make sure the holes are clean, the threads are clean, and you torque them properly. You've got the sweet 3-thread heads, so don't be surprised if you still end up popping one down the road. Just the action of removing the OE plugs and installing the new ones is enough to damage the threads, and since you've only got three, they are very sensitive to damage.
I’ve always used Autolite in my Fords, with good results. They’re very similar, in fact the salesman said they make Motorcraft. They cost about half the price.
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Just went to Rock Auto. The auto lite plugs are cheaper in price.
Autolite makes the plugs for Ford/Motorcraft.Its just a name and they make zip on their own.
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Autolite makes the plugs for Ford/Motorcraft.
I have been hearing they are all chinese now?!?!?!
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What is so special about NGK plugs?
They always seem to work well with no fuss no muss. I think NGK makes most of the OEM plugs anyway. My next plugs will be double platinum. I'm not getting iridium no more.
Make DANG sure you torque them to spec's. Your engine, and mine, are from the notorious spark plug spitting cartel. Also, let the engine sit over night to make sure it's cool to room temperature, the steel and aluminum metals don't play well at different temperatures. Those back plugs are a PITA to get out.
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